Monday, July 23, 2012

Waiting, week 2...

This past week has been SUPER busy. Really. REALLY! I was able to assist by teaching 2 courses at Arts Smarts Camp, at church; Pen Pals (writing letters/drawing pictures, to our missionaries), and 2 classes on "Once Upon A Time" on creative writing. I had great students, and I think they all had a good time of learning more about missions, and writing. Extra time in the Word is always good, as we recapped each day's lesson, and it was fun to meet these kids - 3rd to 5th graders that wanted to be there, but BOY, it WORE ME OUT!!

On top of that going on each morning, Melissa and Ryan were busy packing up their belongings, and preparing to move out of our house. Their final move day was Saturday, and I had to turn the house around and prepare it for showing on Sunday afternoon. I also had a very important meeting for Giving Trees Sunday morning - so I had to get a lot done in a short time. Whew. I told myself I would take Sunday afternoon off, just give myself some rest, but I ended up going to Lowe's, work on a few projects (gardening refills my joy cup!!) and then laying around at night....except when I went out to take Abbey for a LONG overdue walk.

I crashed around 10:30, exhausted (but pleased) with how things finished up. So, NOW I still have a few things on my own TO DO list. They include:
     1.  Wiping/painting all the remainder of the floor boards.
     2.  Paint the trim on the outside back door, and touch up the trim on the garage door up front.
     3.  Scrape and re-paint the giant UK logo on our driveway (seriously, it needs to get done!)
     4.  Re caulk the shower trims at the top and sides, and my bathroom sink, and a few of the windows.

None of them are deal breakers on the house, but they are all things I wanted to get done if I was staying, so why would I lower my standard because I'm leaving?

In the midst of the crazy weekend, I had a few offers for help from sweet people, and I turned them down. MISTAKE!! It's hard to ASK for help - but it was VERY WRONG of me to turn it down (especially when I was grumbling and having a pity party about having to do so much on my own!!). Shame on me. I've learned, and apologized, and am taking some friends up on their help and assistance. I'm done complaining (well, I'll try!!) and will be gracious when offers of help come in. Promise.

Well, the house has shown 4 times, and it's not been "THE house" for any of them, so no offers yet. I trust God's plan and timing on this, and believe that the house we will buy will fit into the timing on the selling of our house. His timing is perfect. Again, I need to know patience, and see this season as a blessing. :)

But I sure do miss my hubby. Sigh.

He's loving his new job, and it brings joy to my heart to know that he's enjoying his work so much! AND he had the weekend off, and got to play golf and see a movie with our son!! AND he's gone to the same church 2 weeks in a row there!! FUN for him to get to break in the new place!! He'll have a whole set of friends made once I get to move there. (that's ok with me, especially when it's church stuff!!)

Well, that's my update. Abbey and I are getting along ok. My daughter and kids keep coming through the door, and I'm happy to see them, and I think that the kids are happy to be here (Grandma's can be fun again!!). :)

Blessings, grace and peace...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Updating Life in the Waiting Room...

I think that most of us can relate to waiting daily.

When I realized what I'd written in my last post, I realized I'd shared more on Twitter (MarinaWrites) than I had on my blog. Oops! I apologize for the delay, the lack of posting, the missing news. I'm really sorry!!

What I'd failed to reveal - I didn't reveal - because I've been going 0 - 90 for the past few weeks. Mark was offered the job (and accepted) and gave his 3 week notice (it was meant to be a 2 week notice, but he was traveling when he received the offer).

Since then I've been painting, projecting, cleaning, packing, re-packing and living life daily. We've filled out paperwork, met with 2 realtors, and have had a dozen bankers calling at all hours of the day for a mortgage on a house we haven't even looked for (or at).

Just yesterday, our daughter and sil found out that they have found an apartment - a HUGE step in emptying the house, and redoing some of the items that need completing around the house. It's so much easier to repaint when there aren't little fingers to "help".

This week I'm keeping the 2 youngest grandkids, (one who is waking from his nap now....). Mark leaves at the end of the week, and starts his new job a week from Monday. I'm going to miss him!! Please be praying for us, our time apart, and his adapting to his new job and new responsibilities. Pray we both grow in our love for God, and trust Him to keep us close in heart. That we find time to stay connected, even though we'll both have busy schedules.

I'll update again....sooner or later....

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