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Waiting, week 2...

This past week has been SUPER busy. Really. REALLY! I was able to assist by teaching 2 courses at Arts Smarts Camp, at church; Pen Pals (writing letters/drawing pictures, to our missionaries), and 2 classes on "Once Upon A Time" on creative writing. I had great students, and I think they all had a good time of learning more about missions, and writing. Extra time in the Word is always good, as we recapped each day's lesson, and it was fun to meet these kids - 3rd to 5th graders that wanted to be there, but BOY, it WORE ME OUT!! On top of that going on each morning, Melissa and Ryan were busy packing up their belongings, and preparing to move out of our house. Their final move day was Saturday, and I had to turn the house around and prepare it for showing on Sunday afternoon. I also had a very important meeting for Giving Trees Sunday morning - so I had to get a lot done in a short time. Whew. I told myself I would take Sunday afternoon off, just give myself some rest, b

Updating Life in the Waiting Room...

I think that most of us can relate to waiting daily. When I realized what I'd written in my last post, I realized I'd shared more on Twitter (MarinaWrites) than I had on my blog. Oops! I apologize for the delay, the lack of posting, the missing news. I'm really sorry!! What I'd failed to reveal - I didn't reveal - because I've been going 0 - 90 for the past few weeks. Mark was offered the job (and accepted) and gave his 3 week notice (it was meant to be a 2 week notice, but he was traveling when he received the offer). Since then I've been painting, projecting, cleaning, packing, re-packing and living life daily. We've filled out paperwork, met with 2 realtors, and have had a dozen bankers calling at all hours of the day for a mortgage on a house we haven't even looked for (or at). Just yesterday, our daughter and sil found out that they have found an apartment - a HUGE step in emptying the house, and redoing some of the items that need compl