Thursday, June 7, 2012

lost thoughts

Long ago I gave up the idea that I'd have a "perfect house" filled with beautiful collections...or even just matching furniture. I'm sure it was around the time we lived in GA, where I discovered the wonderful magazine "Southern Living", and thought that I was entitled to live a gracious southern life....after all, I was from SOUTHERN California....and that was south of the Mason-Dixon line...right??

Of course I'm teasing here, but in many ways I'm making fun of myself. I don't remember really growing up with any elaborate items in our home (although my dad brought a grandfather clock back from Holland after a visit - the only visit - we made there as a family). That was the "Oak Period" of our furnishings, late in the 70's when he married wife #2 (the single 30-something mom of one adorable son) and wood was all the rage. However, the rest of the furniture was mod-podge and hippy-ish. Late Berkley.  :)

So nothing in our house ever matched. Not even my sister and I. She was curly blonde haired and blue eyed, I was frumpy straight brown hair with brown eyes....that slowly have migrated to hazel if you look close.

Oh, and that "you can always just get a perm" thing that people with lovely naturally curly hair say to us with straight, unmanageable, flat hair - um. no. i. can't.  The few times I did (one of those times being in the late 70's era of "Afro's") were total disasters. TOTALLY. Curls on my body just made me look curly all over. just. one. short. pile. of. curls. The second time of adult perm madness the paid person burned my scalp so badly my hair broke off at the ends. Within a week I had to come close to shaving my head. Not a good thing for a post-pregnancy new mom. Talk about humiliating. I was in tears a long time. So was my husband.

It strikes me as almost funny now, I love short hair.  (my husband does not)

Ok, where was I going with this?
Oh, matching furniture...lovely home...

Well, this post-menopausal woman has lost it. POOF. it's gone. No wonder I don't blog as much as I want to....

I keep forgetting my points!! LOL

Well, summer is here, the kids have had a GREAT week at VBS, and I've almost got my bedroom painted. It won't get finished this week. No way. I'll finish it end of next week though...that's ok with me.

Jason and girlfriend Shannon are coming over this evening...he got to town last night, she's arriving by BUS (as in Greyhound!!) this evening. I offered to go and pick her up, but they had already bought the ticket. It will be good to see them tonight, and see how they respond to all the kids here. I hope they play hard with them and wear them out!!

Well, I should get back to cleaning my small house with mismatched furniture. It's not Southern Living worthy, but I love it. It's comfy. I don't worry about spots and spills (but I do clean them up). I'm not into impressing whoever comes over, but instead pray that the Holy Spirit will fill this house up and flow out into our neighborhood. That's what I want people to be impressed with. Peace that passes understanding. Let them feel peaceful here. Wherever home might be.

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