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The Waiting Room

The post in my text box simply reads: "Will be here all day." That's it. Not a clue as to how it's going, or what they are doing, or what they are having him do. Just where he's going to be. And that it's not just this morning, but all day. ALL day. Whether it's a doctor's office, or an airport terminal, waiting is really hard. But it's something we ALL have to do. Wait. I somehow wish I had some Latin or Greek knowledge to pull out of a hat. I think it would read something like this: "Wait, from the Greek waitvenourous, which means - at it's root - "to be ridiculed and made uncomfortable". I'm only half joking.  (You can find out the REAL info on the word "wait" HERE ) We ARE sometimes uncomfortable and ridiculed while waiting....especially in doctor's offices with our hind-sides bared... Thankfully THIS is not THAT uncomfortable for me. :) I'm sitting in an air-conditioned hotel room. I have 1/

Yesterday's Post

The house is quiet. I'm wide awake. My mind racing with whatever thoughts are randomly running through my mind...bits and pieces of dreams, conversations of the prayerful topics Mark and I discussed on our walk around the loop (our nearly nightly mile and a half in the neighboring neighborhood), and all those things that plagued me all day, prompting me to sit and write a new post...but I never got around to doing it. I was just too busy, and then I had a few "unplanned" things thrown into the day too. Hate that. I'm reminded of the scripture last night at our Global Outreach Prayer time (GO Pray): “Forget the former things;  do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland."  Isaiah 43:18-19 (NIV) A "new thing". Hmmm. I really hate to write about the "maybe" things in my life... this roller coaster of life is hilly and loopy

lost thoughts

Long ago I gave up the idea that I'd have a "perfect house" filled with beautiful collections...or even just matching furniture. I'm sure it was around the time we lived in GA, where I discovered the wonderful magazine "Southern Living", and thought that I was entitled to live a gracious southern life....after all, I was from SOUTHERN California....and that was south of the Mason-Dixon line...right?? Of course I'm teasing here, but in many ways I'm making fun of myself. I don't remember really growing up with any elaborate items in our home (although my dad brought a grandfather clock back from Holland after a visit - the only visit - we made there as a family). That was the "Oak Period" of our furnishings, late in the 70's when he married wife #2 (the single 30-something mom of one adorable son) and wood was all the rage. However, the rest of the furniture was mod-podge and hippy-ish. Late Berkley.  :) So nothing in our house e

Ken Idleman's "Speaking the Truth in Love"

Pastor Ken writes a weekly essay/letter, and has it sent out to whomever wants to get it....and I'm one of those that wants it. :)  This week he wrote on an interesting point of the saga of Lewis and Clark, but one that was never taught to me. I've copied it in it's entirety  -  but understand, I had nothing to do with writing it at all - it's just good!! 6/5/12 Years ago Lewis and Clark set out across the western wilderness to blaze a trail over the Rockies.    Their party included a French guide who took along his Indian wife.    Life was rough and harsh for these men in the untamed wilderness.    Each night the French guide would offer his squaw to one of the men for a price.    Each night the men refused.    Finally, these men crossed their last river east of the mountains.    They needed horses to carry their luggage, their boats, and supplies.    They asked the chief of a nearby Indian tribe for help.    The Indian replied, “No help white man.    White man

Five Minute Friday: "See"

Every Friday, The Gypsy Mama does a 5 minute Friday Writing Challenge, and I'm trying to be more disciplined about doing it. She gives a topic (this week it's "SEE") and we're to set a timer and write with no holds barred, no editing, no trackbacks...just free writing!! OK, my timer is set.....GO What I see greatly influences what I feel, and what I think. Lately it's been overwhelming me, and I admit, I feel like I've allowed my vision of the physical hit my vision of the spiritual and over come it. I wake up and see a HUGE mess, MY mess, in my room. Lately it's this disassembling of these boxes of stuff (pretty boxes of useful stuff) that doesn't get used. I need the white space, and after 2 years in this home, am determined to paint my bedroom. To paint it means the boxes and shelves have to go. I also want to get rid of the guilt of not using this STUFF. Crafty, artsy, wonderful tools of things I don't have time for now. STUFF that c