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What's up?

Things have been busy around here! DD1 and family are still living with us, and it's a joy to see my 4 grands every day. I've learned it is ok for us each to need our space to make this last - since we know that they'll launch to their field sometime in the next year, but we aren't sure when, and for now DH and I are here while he works and I continue to volunteer at church. It's all good stuff!

I took Thursday and went to go visit DD2 as she nears the end of her pregnancy. I LOVE going to Louisville, and there's always something about crossing that bridge and seeing that skyline. I can't explain it! It's like coming home - but I've never ever lived there!! 

I felt that way as I was driving to Louisville for the first time alone. The VERY first time was to take DD2 to the base for her summer mission trip (the year she went to Mongolia - at 16 - for the summer - a topic for another blog entry!) but the first time I went alone was the summer after that. The same group had caught wind that I could cook for a crowd, and they had a group of students arriving for a week of training that they call Pre Field Orientation (PFO). None of us had ever met face to face - well, maybe momentarily the summer before - but we really didn't KNOW each other. It was a beautiful kind of weird. 

As I left Springfield, MO, with about 700 lbs of meat in my car (in coolers)I headed up I44, and by the time I hit the outskirts of town I was bawling like a baby! "What in the world was I doing?!" was all I could say, over and over. I was crazy, right??

Once I hit St Louis I was focused again, and looking forward to assisting these amazing students (and more) as they were preparing to spend their summers abroad, testing the waters of missions. It really took my breath away, as I crossed I64 into KY and over the Ohio River. It was beautiful! As I approached the skyline I loved the buildings silhouetted against the sky. So lovely! I love it still!!

Well, the other night, as I was ready to leave out of my DD2's neighborhood, my SIL2 pointed out the Black Crested Night Cranes flying overhead. Majestic and lovely, these birds soar overhead and cry loudly to their spouses. It was wonderful to see them in the middle of a neighborhood, next to a college campus. Beautiful!

As I neared the city, the lights were just coming on in town. Buildings lit up against the setting sun painted sky. As I curved towards the river, it was hard to tell where the sky ended and the river began, both were painted this majestic color of blue and rose mixed together. The river so peaceful, it acted as a mirror to the sky. The sun now down, it's colors radiated across the sky, and the river, as far as the eye could see.

Lovely.  God's handiwork for our enjoyment. So perfect. 

As I was driving along, wishing I could type some notes to capture the moment, or pull over for a photo, and there was nothing I could do, but hold it in my heart. I would be foolish to not admit that MY observations do no credit to the One that Mastermnded the creation. 

So thank You Lord. 

Rest of story, DD2 is doing fine!! We had  a great little visit, a fun little mall lunch out, shopping, and Chinese Take-Out for a great dinner! It was a great day, even if she didn't have the baby yet. 

Well, everyone is napping right now - and I can barely keep my eyes open....


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