Saturday, May 19, 2012


It's late, nearly 11pm, and the house is quiet except the tapping of my keys on the laptop. The kids are asleep, the grandkids too, and Mark's in our room on his laptop paying bills (or taking turns on Words With Friends!).

How fortunate we are. In the comfort of our home, cooled and cluttered with too much *stuff*, while so many are homeless, or living in poverty with too little of anything. Thanks Lord, for Your generosity, and continue to pull me into Your Simplicity.

The refrigerator hummmmsss....and drops another load of ice in the ice maker. Thank You Lord, for the technology that has brought us these things; electricity, refrigeration, freezing, ice making. You created man and woman, and gave us minds to seek and serve You, and give us this amazing ability to create and a curiosity that is unstoppable. Thank You.

The clocks tic.tic.tic. along. Thank You Lord, for each moment of each day. For the kids (and grandkids) living in our home, and for giving us fellowship together during this season in life. Thanks for giving us teachable moments, not just us teaching the younger kids, but for them teaching me too...their amazement and wonder at Your Creation, their silliness, and mostly their trust in You, above all else, without questioning or doubting Your Word.

I hear Mark rustling in our room. Thanks Lord for 28 years of marriage to an amazing man! The worst thing I can say about him is that he loves to work - yet I know in my heart that his workplace is his mission field. Thank You that he cares about me, and wants to provide, and thank  You for the job that you have equipped him to do. You have given him one of those minds that is curious, relentless, and will make things work better. Thank You for making him for me. Us for each other. For the years together, in love with each other, and loving each other. For teaching us YOUR perfect love, and helping us to love each other with it. Learning still to love perfectly, because of Your love for us.

Oh goodness. I'm writing in circles.

The baby is crying, a sink is running...I imagine a bottle is being made for him.
Goodnight Lord. Thank You for everything. I love You, and don't want to take Your things for granted. Thank You...

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  1. What a good reminder to be specifically thankful not just generically grateful!


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