Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Living in the Moment...

A few weeks ago, Mark applied for a job within the same company he works for. We knew he was well qualified for it, and after his interview, he felt positive about how things would go. We had prayed, knowing that this job would mean a move  -  and not knowing quite what to think of that (we love it here, and have felt at home the moment we visited here over 2 years ago).

Mark found out today that he didn't get the job.

I have such mixed feelings! Part of me is glad, not having to deal with a move, the impact it would have on our family/household (right now our daughter/sil and 4 grandkids live with us - and they would have had to move earlier than planned). I was surprised at the disappointment, although we knew all along that it could happen - there are certainly others that are gifted and equipped as well as Mark for any job.

As it turned out, it appears that he may be overqualified, and although we know that THIS door is closed, there's the chance that it's opened other doors within other departments in the same company. Some jobs might still require a move, some won't.

One thing I'm sure of is that we're ok. We will still stay invested in our lives here, and wait on God to reveal what the future holds. We'll follow Him, even if we can't see what the future holds, knowing well that He will provide for our every need....

Gosh...just wonder what the future will look like! : P

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