Friday, May 18, 2012

5 Minute Friday - PERSPECTIVE....

ok - GO!

I hate the long hours, the years that everyone knew our phone number and would call all hours of the night because something was broken and HE had to fix it. I hate that folks don't expect that God - THE GOD who gave him this gift - would give it to someone else. That "he" (or "she") could fill these size 12 shoes just as easily. I hated that he would fix things that weren't broke, to make them run better, faster, longer. And the popcorn maker - grrrr...still brings frustration (and a giggle to my heart) to remember how he HAD to fix it - 2 - no 3 times before he'd just let me buy a new one. LOL

But a change in perspective gives me new eyes, new heart to see the blessings of it all.

God's given him such a GIFT. I don't see it often, and not often with a heart the size of Texas (cause that's the only thing that is advertised as SO BIG). And he stops to fix things. On the side of the road, to change a tire. To see if he can help. Cause he knows it's not his gift - it's HIS gift - and it's meant to be used.

And he's saved us lots of money, money that was used to help send people to where God's calling them to be, because we didn't need a new popcorn popper, or a washer or drier. And he could climb on the roof and fix the vent thingy, replace it when it needed it, which kept our utility bill in budget that long HOT summer.

And people know his number. And call all hours of the night. Not because stuff is just broken at the plant, but because their hearts are broken, their lives are broken. Because they need Jesus, and somehow through the dirty nails and stained hands, and big smile and bigger heart, and twinkly eyes that tear up often - they see a bit of Him in there.

Gosh. Life with this man looks good still.


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