Friday, May 11, 2012

OOps....wrong topic..."Mothers"

I thought that the 5 minute Friday was on "Mothers", but it's on "Identity" - LOL. Guess I'll have to take another 5 minutes and write again.....But I'll leave this up anyways.... sigh...

I always wanted to be a mom...despite my argumentative pre-teen years, losing my own mom to lung cancer and all the promises of politics and law - a "Mom" was the job I wanted most.

It came no surprise then, when my middle child, Jessica, grew up with that same gene. When her younger brother Jason was born, she (all of 18 months old) thought he was HER baby. It all began then, and finally, this week, she has her "own" baby to hold.

I always feel that I'm missing out on something, not having had a mom in my formative years. Even my dad's choices of wives didn't make for good mothers. Thankfully, becoming a Christian around my 21 birthday, God opened doors for older Christian women to remove the negative habits of selfishness and replace them with the Fruits of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, and self-control. I know that I didn't master any of these during my childbearing years, but I saw God at work in changing me, and my prayer for my kids was (and still is) that they would know God deeper, follow Him closer, than I ever could.

Older sister Melissa is a great mom to her 4 kids, but she and Jessica are really different, in many ways, although both of them serve the same God with great passion. Melissa has had a baby a year for the past 5 years, and Jessica has waited till now to have her first; decisions made by their spouses in response to God's direction for their lives. So very different, yet "right" for them.

As they embark on mommy-hood, i hope that I'll learn to be the grandma that I never got to see my mom be - not only to spoil them occasionally, but to set a godly example of what a grandma can be and sharing Biblical truths with them in little ways.

I want them to remember me with God's words on my lips, songs in my heart, my Bible open....

(time up!)

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