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5 Minute Friday Challenge on "Identity"

Raising our family in a small town was hard in so many ways, but one of the sorta fun things was the fact that everyone knew everyone. There was less than 6 degrees of separation there, more like 2, and usually it involved your kids being in a club or on a sports team.

Going anywhere, we quickly learned that we were no longer "Mark and Marina Bromley" - but Jason's mom, Jessica's dad, or Melissa's folks. Fun usually, since they were good kids and respected in the community - but what happens when the girls go off to college and get married, and as our son leaves high school (a BIG fish in a SMALL pond) and doesn't see his athletic desires accomplished in college?  Soon enough, a job change moved us away to another city, larger, kinder, and we don't have anyone who knows our kids (well a few, but it was more of those 6 degree type connections).

Well, although I was excited about the move, and had no idea what would happen, I was pleasantly surprised! It didn't take long for me to realize that God in me is enough!! I don't have to be defined by my kids at all, and actually, it was freeing to not have any sort of "reputation" to live up to. I could share freely from my life experiences (see posts on my 20 years in the desert) and learn to live life new again.



  1. "God in me is enough."
    Yes. That we would always full embrace this and live in it.
    Appreciated your sharing!


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