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A little about me and my book deal dream...

Lately I've been thinking about this "writing thing" I do. I've always been a lover of words. Spoken. Written by others. Learning new ones. I was a kid that spoke too much, argued really. My family called me a "Philadelphia Lawyer"; I'd argue that the sky wasn't blue. I wrote letters to pen pals around the world, cousins of cousins that were learning English and dreamed of a different life, and new kids that I met on vacation that became my "new best friends" (especially if there was a cute brother in the family!). I journaled. Wrote poetry, of love lost and deep emotions that normal 10 year olds didn't have. I realize now, it was all therapy (well, except the boy part). I DO love words, but more than I love words, I LOVE PEOPLE.  Somehow, God takes these words and uses them to open doors to encourage people. To hug on women (in person or online) that are walking a place that I walked 20 years ago, or 10 years ago, or last week

How I REALLY Feel...

In response to today's post from The Faith Barista, Bonnie Gray: Oh Bonnie! How timely! We found out yesterday that DH didn’t get a job within the company…they felt he was overqualified, and went on to say he’s overqualified where he is! We love life here, but were looking forward to a change, new scenery, and the chance to have more time together. He’s been working 7 days a week, nearly EVERY week, since he took this job 2+ years ago. I know he’s tired of it…and I am too! That job change represented not being responsible for day to day operations, so he would have a Monday to Friday job. Weekends off! But it wasn’t meant to be. Not yet anyways. I’m surprised at my relief of not moving, and surprised at my sadness of not getting to move! How can that be? I’m happy to get to stay at a church we love, where we are involved, and I have a volunteer title and we both get to lead, and I’m sad to not get to go someplace new, meet new folks, grow in our marriage and ministry to

Living in the Moment...

A few weeks ago, Mark applied for a job within the same company he works for. We knew he was well qualified for it, and after his interview, he felt positive about how things would go. We had prayed, knowing that this job would mean a move  -  and not knowing quite what to think of that (we love it here, and have felt at home the moment we visited here over 2 years ago). Mark found out today that he didn't get the job. I have such mixed feelings! Part of me is glad, not having to deal with a move, the impact it would have on our family/household (right now our daughter/sil and 4 grandkids live with us - and they would have had to move earlier than planned). I was surprised at the disappointment, although we knew all along that it could happen - there are certainly others that are gifted and equipped as well as Mark for any job. As it turned out, it appears that he may be overqualified, and although we know that THIS door is closed, there's the chance that it's opened

A Year Ago Today; Remembering the Joplin Tornado

A year ago today many lives that I know were changed by the destruction of Joplin, by a tornado. Some of those things were told when I blogged about it here , a week or so after the tornado. But now, a year later, I still can look back with clarity and feel God at work and see His hand moving. I don't think I'll ever comprehend how close I came to losing my son. It took about a month for me to realize that if he had just moved along at his normal pace, he would have driven straight into the tornado's path. Jason's not one to listen to the radio, and he listens to his iPod music loud, so it's possible he wouldn't have heard any sirens (although I'm sure that the heavy downpour of a rain wrapped tornado would have had him pull over at least). But where is there to pull over to escape a tornado's path if you don't know it's a tornado and you are in the midst of it? I thank God daily for stopping Jason in his tracks. I'd found out that a larg

A Saving Screen Saver

I usually try to change my screen saver a few times a year, usually to reflect the season of weather we are in. I love my photos, and each one I've taken reminds me of the place I was, the moment captured in that picture. I can easily move my mind to that spot of quiet, just me and my camera (ok, sometimes Mark was there too!) and the peace that was felt as I tried to do God's Creative Hand justice. I assure you, that what I do with a camera is nothing in comparison to His 6 day's work; but I relish the truth that He created for our pleasure. For me. So last night, tired (ok, exhausted) and not feeling 100%, and knowing I was overdue in changing my screen saver, I opened that file to cruise through some memories, wondering where I'd land. The calendar says "Spring", but the thermometer CLEARLY says "Summer" - having already topped the 90* mark. So how did I land in the midst of a January photo?? Well, it was January in coastal FLORIDA, which always


It's late, nearly 11pm, and the house is quiet except the tapping of my keys on the laptop. The kids are asleep, the grandkids too, and Mark's in our room on his laptop paying bills (or taking turns on Words With Friends!). How fortunate we are. In the comfort of our home, cooled and cluttered with too much *stuff*, while so many are homeless, or living in poverty with too little of anything. Thanks Lord, for Your generosity, and continue to pull me into Your Simplicity. The refrigerator hummmmsss....and drops another load of ice in the ice maker. Thank You Lord, for the technology that has brought us these things; electricity, refrigeration, freezing, ice making. You created man and woman, and gave us minds to seek and serve You, and give us this amazing ability to create and a curiosity that is unstoppable. Thank You. The clocks tic.tic.tic. along. Thank You Lord, for each moment of each day. For the kids (and grandkids) living in our home, and for giving us fellowship

5 Minute Friday - PERSPECTIVE....

hmmmm.... ok - GO! I hate the long hours, the years that everyone knew our phone number and would call all hours of the night because something was broken and HE had to fix it. I hate that folks don't expect that God - THE GOD who gave him this gift - would give it to someone else. That "he" (or "she") could fill these size 12 shoes just as easily. I hated that he would fix things that weren't broke, to make them run better, faster, longer. And the popcorn maker - grrrr...still brings frustration (and a giggle to my heart) to remember how he HAD to fix it - 2 - no 3 times before he'd just let me buy a new one. LOL But a change in perspective gives me new eyes, new heart to see the blessings of it all. God's given him such a GIFT. I don't see it often, and not often with a heart the size of Texas (cause that's the only thing that is advertised as SO BIG). And he stops to fix things. On the side of the road, to change a tire. To see if h

A Good Day To Pray...

World catastrophe's. Wars. Personal battles being fought in board rooms and bedrooms. Misunderstandings. Scraped knees. The car wreck you just saw. The siren you just heard. All reasons to pray. As a new Christian in my early 20's, I never was a "prayer closet" kind of pray-er. I know that God loved it when we spend time with Him, communing in Him, meditating on His Word. Maybe I'm claustrophobic? To combat that, I met with a great group of young women on Saturday mornings at the beach. We would pray, bare feet in the cool sand, sound of God's created Pacific crashing wildly on the shores of Seal Beach, gulls calling above. It fostered in me the desire to be in His creation as we sang songs of praise and lifted prayer needs up for each other. Sweet times of fellowship and community. A few years later, newly married and in a new church, I heard that our pastor surprised his wife by taking the strip of land between their house and their neighbor's, and turne

On Mother's Day for the Motherless...

Another one of the GypsyMama's blogs got me going on this. I put off reading it for a few days, and JUST as I was going to start cleaning my room, I saw the post again. sigh. I had to read it now, in the quiet of my room. My VERY MESSY ROOM that I'm supposed to be cleaning. ugh. ok. not cleaning my room. crying. i put off reading this yesterday, knowing it would be emotional for me. i've cried all week. it's a normal pre-mother's day ritual, and will last till july (after her summer solstice birthday). my mom died a week before i turned 13. she had surgery for lung cancer in the spring, came home to continue smoking all that summer - and we fought- hard - arguments between the ill mom who knew she was dying and the pre-teen daughter that didn't get it, and the self-absorbed dad that wouldn't open up enough to be honest with either of us. with any one. i came home from school one october day to find my house full of strangers and old friends and neighb

5 Minute Friday Challenge on "Identity"

Raising our family in a small town was hard in so many ways, but one of the sorta fun things was the fact that everyone knew everyone. There was less than 6 degrees of separation there, more like 2, and usually it involved your kids being in a club or on a sports team. Going anywhere, we quickly learned that we were no longer "Mark and Marina Bromley" - but Jason's mom, Jessica's dad, or Melissa's folks. Fun usually, since they were good kids and respected in the community - but what happens when the girls go off to college and get married, and as our son leaves high school (a BIG fish in a SMALL pond) and doesn't see his athletic desires accomplished in college?  Soon enough, a job change moved us away to another city, larger, kinder, and we don't have anyone who knows our kids (well a few, but it was more of those 6 degree type connections). Well, although I was excited about the move, and had no idea what would happen, I was pleasantly surprised! It

OOps....wrong topic..."Mothers"

I thought that the 5 minute Friday was on "Mothers", but it's on "Identity" - LOL. Guess I'll have to take another 5 minutes and write again.....But I'll leave this up anyways.... sigh... I always wanted to be a mom...despite my argumentative pre-teen years, losing my own mom to lung cancer and all the promises of politics and law - a "Mom" was the job I wanted most. It came no surprise then, when my middle child, Jessica, grew up with that same gene. When her younger brother Jason was born, she (all of 18 months old) thought he was HER baby. It all began then, and finally, this week, she has her "own" baby to hold. I always feel that I'm missing out on something, not having had a mom in my formative years. Even my dad's choices of wives didn't make for good mothers. Thankfully, becoming a Christian around my 21 birthday, God opened doors for older Christian women to remove the negative habits of selfishness and rep

What's up?

Things have been busy around here! DD1 and family are still living with us, and it's a joy to see my 4 grands every day. I've learned it is ok for us each to need our space to make this last - since we know that they'll launch to their field sometime in the next year, but we aren't sure when, and for now DH and I are here while he works and I continue to volunteer at church. It's all good stuff! I took Thursday and went to go visit DD2 as she nears the end of her pregnancy. I LOVE going to Louisville, and there's always something about crossing that bridge and seeing that skyline. I can't explain it! It's like coming home - but I've never ever lived there!!  I felt that way as I was driving to Louisville for the first time alone. The VERY first time was to take DD2 to the base for her summer mission trip (the year she went to Mongolia - at 16 - for the summer - a topic for another blog entry!) but the first time I went alone was the summer afte