Saturday, April 21, 2012

"You're Already Amazing" Book Review

Well, I had hoped to post each time I posted at the end of each chapter, but it got to crazy this week! But don't let that dissuade you as to how AMAZING this book is!!

I thought, really, that I was not reading it for me...but to refer others to it in the future. I was so wrong. There were great things author Holley Gerth pointed out, and exercises for me to do that gave GREAT insight.

So pretty much, no matter what age you are, if you are a woman, you should read this book. :)  (oh, a man would learn a lot from it too, but really - do many men read books? - and the book really is written "to" women of all ages).

I'm looking forward to facilitating a discussion group with women from church this summer. I think it will be a good time, and it will help us to get to know ourselves as well as each other, better.

Join us, if you're in the Henderson, Evansville, Newburgh area!! Details coming soon!!

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