Saturday, April 21, 2012


I admire these bloggers who are disciplined and write regularly. 

I want to be like that. Someday.

Right now, my cup is full. Overflowing. My HOUSE is also full and overflowing! It's just a season, so I'm not bothered by it. I still remember what it was like to wake up on my own timetable, not have an agenda (usually, or just a light one, depending on the volunteer work), and I never had a problem finding a quiet place to write - I had a whole house of nothing but quiet! 

But now, my day starts with the sounds of little one's crying (some don't quite know what to do with morning yet), or scurrying across the living room from bedroom to kitchen, excited about what breakfast will be. 

I admire my daughter more than ever right now. She's up with all 4 of them, every morning. She keeps her cool, gets them settled, keeps THEM quiet (as possible, in this small house). It never shows whether she had 2 hours of sleep, or 10. She never complains about how many times the baby woke up wanting to eat, or how many kids climbed into bed with them that night. She creatively built a bedroll out of bedding on one side of the bed, so wayward kids can lie down there if the bed is already full. Wish I had thought of that back when SHE was a kid!!

Our husbands are working hard. Lots of hours right now with a project coming into fruition. CRAZY hours over the next few weeks. It's hard on all of us, but it's the nature of the industry. 

I'm thinking that I'll launch a new blog site for wives of men in the poultry industry...I discussed this with a friend that I met through what we call the "TPW" (company name's initial, Prayer Warriors")- all women whose husbands work in different jobs at the same place. We used to meet monthly to encourage each other, and make a prayer list of the needs we have, and our husbands have. We'd be sure to pray for things to run smoothly, for the men to remain in fellowship - remembering that they're not just co-workers but brothers in Christ. Lately we haven't been meeting, but we stay in touch occasionally...some more than others. One is preparing to move, another looking for a transfer, so I know that it would be hard to remain as tight as we have been over these past 2 years. 

And then I met a great young woman in AR, and her husband works for another company...and I thought, "Wow! It would be great if we could broaden our circle a bit to include these other women who are going through the same situations we are!". The poultry industry is really hard, and the troubles that our husbands face are all the same, no matter what their job is, or what company they work for. If weather is flip-floppy, bird size will be a problem. If it's icy cold, there's problems with transportation. If it's hot, that's a whole other set of problems. If it's humid out, then condensation is an issue. Then put all these men together in the midst of it all, and you can sure bet they need our prayers!! Sometimes it's just that they won't get mad at each other!! LOL

So, since that's another area of care...I was thinking that it needed it's own I'm *in labor* right now, praying about how to make that BEST happen. Then how to get the word out, and get a few of my TPW's to blog along with me (one already has agreed!). Fun!!

SO, this is still early in the season for my daughter's experience as the wife of a poultry worker (although, she is also the daughter of one, I'm sure that it looks different as a wife/mom). 

She's doing great. :) 

OK - well, my blog break is about over. I need to get back to work in preparing for a meeting I've got at church tomorrow. I'm going to bring in a bunch of DaySpring items, to see how we can use things they offer to encourage our Global Workers. I know that there are cards to send, but also amazing gifts, books, home decor....the list goes on and on!! I LOVE everything I have from them. 

Have a GREAT weekend...

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