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On the 3...

I totally love road trips. Always have. Always will...I hope! 
Mark has had some training to attend at the corporate offices, and I’m glad that he wanted me to get out, get away, and come along with him. Last week we had all 4 grand-kids at home alone while their parents were at orientation for the organization they hope to go on the field with. It. Wore. Me. Out. This weekend is Easter, and although I’m not going to have a houseful of people, or entertain, it’s still an emotional time for me. Draining. Then on Monday I have minor surgery to remove a spot of skin cancer (not the bad kind) from my right shoulder. I will have stitches inside and out to hold together a 3-4 inch area. Not fun, and definitely limiting my next week’s activities. Getting away NOW was ideal!
When I posted on twitter that I was coming to the area, only a few folks responded with wanting a visit. I was most excited to get an invitation to tour the DaySpring facilities, and meet up with some of the key people that “run” (in)courage, and (in)RL, a blogging site and the subsequent group that will host Real Life gatherings to bring all of us “on line friends” together face to face. I didn’t really have any expectations, (oh, ok, I secretly wanted them to offer me a blogging job to expand the age genre of their blogger community!!LOL) but to have been engaged in conversation over and over, with each new creatively placed cubicle, and put names and faces to the folks that facilitate this website that I have grown to love, and embrace as a part of my daily devotional time. They really do point us to grow deeper with God, over and over, from the pens (or typewriters) of women in their 20’s, 30’s and yes, 40’s - but not yet their 50’s or older. I’m praying that they’ll break out of the mold and expand the horizons of (in)courage to women my age (and older). 
It was wonderful to see story boards, creative tools, prototype cards, dreams, and so much more (yes, even the financial department!) as we meandered through the offices. It was fun to see the history of DaySpring, before it was even named that, set up behind glass walls, displaying it’s rich history of faith, witness, and encouragement. What a blessing!
And what a blessing indeed, to take a little time, and put my “God sized dreams” on the table - verbalizing to the powers - that - be, my heart for reaching the women that serve in the fields around the world, sharing words of encouragement, sustenance, friendship, as they (and their husbands, and children) live in the hardest of conditions, placing their lives on the line as they spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
SO, no, I wasn’t offered a writing/blogging spot - but that’s ok. It’s so much more important for my dreams to be heard, even if someone else carries them to fruition. I know that it’s not MY heart that wants to be heard....but HIS heart...and I know that there are many women who are gifted, in word and deed, to carry those words to the hearts of women around the world. Praise God! He has equipped SO many!!
I am so grateful to have met another “poultry widow”, engage in His small world of people who are within the “7 steps of engagement” (how about just one step away - knowing friends or relatives of 2 of the folks there!) and getting to be on this journey, continuing to grow in Him, with Him, by just stepping out in faith a day at a time, or for moments a day - and seeing Him work in me, through me, and all around me!!
Tomorrow...the adventure trip back to home!! Meeting our son in Springfield, MO - meeting his girlfriend for the first time - and then back home to the quiet house - with the grandkids and our daughter visiting her in-laws for a few weeks. :(  Too quiet, I’m sure. sigh. I’ll have time and quiet to hear myself think....and maybe get caught up on a few things (like housework!). 
Grace and peace...


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