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On the Road...

There's nothing I love more than a road trip. Ahhh....long winding roads (preferably the ones less traveled) and blue sky. LOVE it!!

Mark has some training at the corporate offices in Springdale, AR, and it was a good chance for me to tag along. HOURS on the road together. Quiet. He was willing to take a "round about road" since we knew that there was construction going on the main highway through the BIG city between here and there. A perfect get-away!!

We got out on time on Monday. I wanted to take photos and blog while Mark was driving. It. Was. Beautiful. But I couldn't take my eyes off of what I was seeing. I didn't want the distraction. It was THAT beautiful.

The sky could not have been a more beautiful shade of blue. Even when it was overcast, there were spots peeking out at me. And every inch of ground was in FULL BLOOM. Oh, my! Earth was crying out in praise to God!! Every dogwood from KY to AR was filled with white flowers. At one time I glanced down in a valley and it was as if a white canopy was suspended above the woodsy was lovely as I've never seen!!

As we drove through another small town in AR, it seemed as if someone had painted the roadsides in the most perfect shade of pink...they were as delicate as poppies, and they covered the ground! (I don't know if they are poppies or's been incredibly warm, but it still seemed early for them to be poppies).

Leaves were out on all the trees, which filtered the sunlight, but the car thermometer still read 92* (yes, on April 2!). Creeks and ponds were full with water! Tons of bugs hit out windshield!! :) Summer-like for sure!!

Settled into our hotel, sleeping well, resting in the time we have together - and with God - to enrich this season!


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