Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Morning After

I always hated the day after Christmas. No matter what occurred the day of Christmas, from my childhood days of "Santa brings gifts," to my own kids' days of intentionally serving at a shelter, or my grown up kids' days of playing games and eating ourselves silly, the day AFTER Christmas was such a drag. Depressing. EMPTY.

But the day after (in)RL - not so much so!!

The day was wonderful! DD M helped me greatly at home by preparing the salad stuff I'd gotten for lunch, and we headed out early to make my goal of being there an hour before our start time. Once we got to the church, the room we were scheduled to use was all set up for Sunday School the next day (not intimate round tables like I'd expected). While I was unloading stuff from the car, M scouted around the other rooms and found the one we needed - much smaller (since there were only 4 of us) and the bonus of it being the one with the big screen tv in it to hook our computers too. :) BONUS.

Sadly, despite her tech savvy and my $10 external speakers, we couldn't get the sound to be great. I should have thought to bring DH's non-mac computer, as the chording for the tv wouldn't work with my mac. :(  But she got it all set up and working!! Much better than my thought of "well, there's just 4 of us, we'll just watch on the laptop" intimacy. LOL

We were all set up on time, and had a TABLE FULL of wonderful snacks brought by all, and once we were all ready (full plates and introductions taken care of) we dove in to the videos.

We laughed, we cried, we conversed over the questions brought alive by the writers on (in)courage and learned about so many wonderful ways that DaySpring has brought life to unlikely friendships and created opportunities for others (read US) to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We were inspired. We were challenged. All throughout each session there was scripture proclaimed and reminders of His goodness, even in hard places. Reminded that we are here for a purpose, and that although we may be alone, we are not. Ever.

Now, I admit that there were a few times that my grandson was a distraction, and given my poor sound issues there were a few times I wanted to rewind and go through it all again. I'll have to watch them all this afternoon, while I work on quilting....the same quilting that I hoped to work on yesterday. LOL. I didn't pick up my needle one time.

I'm excited to get to know Mrs T better! I'm never amazed that you can go to a large church, attend the same smaller studies, go to the smaller church service time, and never meet someone. I'm glad that we had the day together yesterday, and look forward to spending more time with her.

I learned more about my youngish friend Mrs S, and was amazed with her insight and encouragement. I love her like a dd, and have been blessed these past 2 years to have her in my life.

I was blessed to get to hear my own dd's voice, as she shared her heart for the people in El Salvador (prompted by the Compassion piece) and the children in the Compassion sponsored school that she visited. I learned more how different we are, in good ways, all because God answered my prayer "that she would have greater faith and love God more than I could..." (since I wasn't raised in a Christian home). She's loving God in different ways, and although she's still striving to learn, to draw closer to God. She's done amazing Kingdom things already, and I know that He will provide for them to serve Him wherever He calls them to.

So today. The morning after. I'm not depressed that it's over - I'm EXCITED to see what lies ahead!! I can't wait to be a more dedicated blogger, to dig out my old "Marina's Kitchen Table" devo's from the late 90's (they were posted in a  "Marina's Kitchen Table" Yahoo Group back then!) and possibly merge or link together my Auntie Em writings to here (and vice versa).

Which brings me to another reality...I think that my "Connections" days are done. It's been a few months since they published my writings, for whatever reasons, and the editor hasn't responded to my notes. Since she has 3 months of writings, I didn't bother to submit one this month. I accept this change like all others, with a wondering of "what could I have done better?" and a twinkle in my eye at "what lies ahead?". I know that I've learned a lot through this, and look forward to seeing what He will do in my next season of life. He can do as He wills through me!!

I'm hoping that you'll come along on this journey friend!! As we continue to grow closer to Him, to be more like Him, and discover, fully, how to be (and love) the women He created us to be!


  1. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better too! Looked for you at service last night, but I guess you were napping (according to your FB post).

    Great day-after blog!

  2. Yay to you for hosting a meetup. I tried to get some ladies in my area, but the interest was not there. I don't think I explained or pushed it enough so I joined another group. Then Sunday I watched all the videos again. So many nuggets of wisdom from them. I look forward to giving you some "peer pressure" as you mentor the younger women and I look forward to being in community with you and being friends. Oh...I don't drink hot drinks, so when I join you at your table, I'll bring some sweet tea! :)


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