Friday, April 27, 2012

The (in)RL opener....

For any of you that haven't been following me on Twitter (@MarinaWrites), you wouldn't know how special today is for me.

I follow a community of bloggers including Holley Gerth (Heart to Heart with Holley), Bonnie Gray (The Faith Barista), etc who are all a part of a community called (in)courage, and today they launched a webinar as a part of a 2 day event called (in)RL (for in Real Life).

Since THEY have never done this before, I really didn't know what to expect! I don't know if THEY knew what to expect!! But day one was AMAZING.

I LOVED getting to hear these bloggers, and others, who fill a certain niche in the blog scene, sharing about life, and the need for community, and the desire for REAL friendships. Oh, sometimes they talk about their kids, or the issues of the day that consume them, but MOSTLY they share not so much about the events of their days, but how God is so faithful to bring us through them. He IS so faithful.

Tomorrow is a longer time event, and we'll meet around the world - some in groups, some in homes, some in churches, and many alone. I think that our goal is to draw closer to each other despite the internet; and no matter how many women are participating, I know it will be good.

I'm praying for all the tech support in each location, and for the hearts of every women to feel the presence of God. I'm so looking forward to it all!!

More after it's over...

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