Thursday, April 26, 2012

In response to Faith Barista Bonnie Gray..

Oh Bonnie...I NEEDED this today! Our last move, coming here to KY, was so precious! We felt like God had prepared a place for us in community, and it all happened so fast - effortless. And now, TODAY, we're waiting to hear about another a new opportunity has opened up with my husband's company. And while my prayer is all "only God's will" I can't help but wonder "could He bless us this way twice?". Because really, we love life here. He had work for us both, in ministry and a paycheck, and He's blessed the work of our hands, of our hearts, an although we can go to earn a paycheck - can we find community there that will have a spot for me, for us? And a few questions loom over the if's and how's of making friends and being on the road, and will He make that happen?? So I needed this, to remind me that He desires us in fellowship with Him. And church, that sense of community, He loves too...but it's the frosting on the cake. I can rest now, and stop worrying, and start trusting...knowing He knows all we don't know, like if he'll even get the job...

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