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In response to Faith Barista Bonnie Gray..

Oh Bonnie...I NEEDED this today! Our last move, coming here to KY, was so precious! We felt like God had prepared a place for us in community, and it all happened so fast - effortless. And now, TODAY, we're waiting to hear about another a new opportunity has opened up with my husband's company. And while my prayer is all "only God's will" I can't help but wonder "could He bless us this way twice?". Because really, we love life here. He had work for us both, in ministry and a paycheck, and He's blessed the work of our hands, of our hearts, an although we can go to earn a paycheck - can we find community there that will have a spot for me, for us? And a few questions loom over the if's and how's of making friends and being on the road, and will He make that happen?? So I needed this, to remind me that He desires us in fellowship with Him. And church, that sense of community, He loves too...but it's the frosting on the cake. I can rest now, and stop worrying, and start trusting...knowing He knows all we don't know, like if he'll even get the job...


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