Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In response to aging....or refusing not to...

Perfect timing!! A (in)courage blog on true beauty... A friends fb status had just mentioned the Clairol Fairies that visited her, and made me wonder (for 1/2 second) if I should request they visit me has been years since their last visit! I joked that "I love my gray hairs best", but recently letting my hair grow out after years of wearing it "sassy short" reminded me how very gray I've gotten! The over 50 isn't so much about fighting the aging process, but more about wanting to look graceful when I'm 60! It's true though, the best thing I can wear is a smile, the worst - a sour disposition. Bring on the years, or take me home!! I want to be remembered by how well I love others, how much I love God, and how well my heart functioned - not medically - but spiritually. Let my face wrinkle with laugh lines, my eyesight fail at judging others but radiate His love with tenderness, my ability to endure physical exercise wither, but my heart break for the lost. Just give me Jesus!!

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