Thursday, April 12, 2012

In my backyard...

When we bought our house, we knew that the back yard would need a lot of work. A LOT. Our lot sits lower than the neighbors in back, so we have no privacy, and they get a birds' eye view of everything going on back there! On top of that, we have a utility clearance right-of-way that goes along the back of it, with water drainage through a ditch (all grown over with grass that can be mowed) and power lines above (just normal ones). It made it a creative challenge for me, who sought peace and beauty and botany in my backyard!

We haven't really started at all...well, not in the REAL sense of the word. Last year we planted some Giant Arbor Vitae trees along the back fence line. They should get taller than our fence, providing more privacy, but stay narrow enough on top to not interfere with the power lines. We ran out of them before we go the whole fence planted, so we're lacking around 3 more trees, and they aren't due to ship to our area's Lowe's till June, so we're waiting. patiently. not.

We had a little surprise in our backyard this past week! Our grands had been playing with their little "angry birds" kites, and Mark noticed kite string tangled in one of the Arbor Vitae trees. As he moved closer to investigate, he noticed that the kite string was not dangled there by our grands, but by a family of robins! This is the nest he saw....

Three PERFECT little robin's eggs. You can see the kite string in the nest, and how they used it to create a hammock to suspend it from the branches. It really IS perfect!

A few days have gone by now, and today all 3 of the eggs have hatched, leaving three little birds, all downy soft, huge feet, eyes, and beaks. They barely peep, but I'm sure that will change! I was able to capture this picture today....

These little one's are hungry all the time! It reminded me that I need to hunger and thirst after His righteousness, not giving up on feeding on it, even when I get tired or weary. 

(For all you animal lovers, don't worry. I'm being super careful to not touch the nest, or the birds, or even the tree! The parental bird will squawk at me when I come near, but I don't stay long, and I'm careful to not disturb them early in the day when it's colder. These little ones don't have much to keep them warm!)

I'm also looking forward to putting out some feeders soon! My dear friend/mom Charlotte Bull sent me home with several feeders when I saw her in MO last week, and I just need to find a way to hang them. We don't want them close to the patio, so it will be nice to hang them near to the trees. I'm sure we'll get to witness the baby birds making their first flight's to those feeders!! We've already seen other birds drinking and bathing in Abbey's water bowl! And when the kids are in the sprinklers, a whole BUNCH of birds come out to play in the water with them!!

I LOVE living in bird country!! No wonder John James Audubon spent time here! :) 

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  1. Robin eggs are sooooo beautiful! Good luck with your backyard improvements. Blessings!


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