Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Every day miracles...

(in response to today's (in)courage blog.)

When “every day miracles” occur, I try to take a mental note and hide it in my heart – then share it with my hubby later in the evening.
Our home is in turmoil right now – filled with grandkids and their parents – and there’s a LOT of hustle and bustle.
I kept all 4 kids for a week, while their parents were in orientation for their missions org. I WAS EXHAUSTED. ALL. WEEK. LONG.
But I tried really hard to find something in each day to claim as JOY. A miracle of some sort. Good nap times. A smile from the baby. A hug and “I love you” from the cranky toddler. A picture put up on the refrigerator, captured in time.
When my daughter returned I was full of praises for her, for how she “does it” and hangs in there day in and day out. Cheerful. Full of love. Tender with each child. Laundry done. Hot meals. Hair fixed on the girls.
Her reply: “But mom, I don’t have to. You’ve here with me all the time!”
God brought me through something amazing.
I was “Grumpy Grandma” for a week, with 2x a night feedings and not getting naps when they did, and burning the candle at both ends. The floors went unswept, but everyone got fed each meal (and they ATE!) and clothes were washed (and piled in one chair in the living room). Even “Grandma Rules” and “mom’s not here” and being the heavy in the house 24/5 didn’t deter them.
In the end. They. Still. Loved. Me.
Truly a miracle. :)
One I’ll cherish when they are in language school, or living “on-field” and I’ll have to settle for Skype calls and blowing kisses….another kind of grandparenting.
Another kind of miracle, all together.

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