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DaySpring stuff, and what I think about it all...

I have been blessed to have gotten re-aquainted with DaySpring a few years ago when my friend Tammy Carroll started selling the product line Blessings Unlimited (DaySprings home party line; You can see Tammy's website here!!)

I was an early user of DaySpring's products, and I really think that I used a lot of their tracts when I was a new Christian in the late 70's and early 80's. Remember tracts?? LOL I'm dating myself here. :)

Over the years, we've used their products, lovely cards at Christmastime, gifts for others' homes, and special things for our own home too!

A year ago or so I started doing product reviews for them, and have tried some GREAT things out. I have especially LOVED the products from Holley Gerth's line, based on the book "You're Already Amazing".  Her cards are poignant, saying things when I can't find the right words, or don't have the time to write the right words. They are HIGH END, which means so much more than a little generic card too (although ANY card sent is so meaningful!! A text or email doesn't always cut it!!).

I have LOVED doing her book - I've gone on and on about that before - so don't feel a need to do that now - and there are a few other things I've bought, or have been given, that I adore!!

I bought the "birdcage" in the DaySpring Outlet Store on a recent trip to Siloam Springs, AR, and the block art on the bottom shows the detail of one of the gifts I received on a tour I went on of the office facilities there for (in)courage.

I am using a lot of products from them on a day to day basis...card organizers, wall art, clocks (from the Blessings Unlimited line), and even purses and bags!! I LOVE my jute shopping bags, and REALLY LOVE the bag from Holley Gerth's line that I'm using as a purse (also a gift from my time in the offices there). 

I'm really excited about a few things that are coming up - the (in)RL web conference, with several of the (in)courage authors will start Friday evening (YAY- we can view that in our homes!!) and end up on Saturday at Crossroads (or wherever hosting is taking place near you!). I'm sponsoring a small group at church, for us to watch it together on Saturday. :)  Join us if you're not busy!! 

I'm THRILLED as my daughters' due date approaches!! YAY!!  (God's perfect timing on this one though, don't want him to be born before his time!!)

Oh I know I had a few other things to be excited about....

OH- I'm going to facilitate a group of women through "You're Already Amazing"!! YAY!! Starting the 2nd week in June, and I think maybe on Tuesday mornings at our church. :)  Come and join us!! 



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