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BLOOM, Chapters 5 & 6, and 7....

I'm throwing them all together today - since I'd fallen behind last week:

Sorry I fell behind…traveling all last week with my hubby (yay!!), the holiday (Easter) and then a little surgery (skin cancer, the not-so-bad-basal cell kind).
WOW – God’s timing. Gotta love it. The whole concept of having my boundary as a GATE and not a WALL. So timely. I have been through counseling with issues with my past and how to deal with my father…this is a perfect tool for me to use.
Thanks God for providing this for me TODAY. Last week I wouldn’t have applied it to this situation, but it was meant for me. today.


Loved this chapter! I think I marked up these pages more than any other chapter so far!! Good stuff.
I found that I’m a Combo person. LOL. I treasure my time with one-on-one’s, but am one of those people who’s “never met a stranger”. I want to deny that – but I can’t. Love meeting new people, but I don’t have to always lead. Actually prefer NOT making those decisions. :)
I’m also a Partner and an Internal – which is kinda odd – it caught me off guard because when Holley said in the video about being an introvert/extrovert – I’m totally an extrovert! So I’m a little confused on that. Might have to go back and read it again. LOL
On the Sphere of Needs, my first indication was to put “Emotional”, but then I read about the “prayer” line in the Intellectual area – and that would be me too. I realize that nothing I say can heal a heart, or say I care, as much as stopping and praying for someone.
I guess when it all boils down to it, we are each “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Perhaps we’re also intricately and complexly made too. :)


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