Thursday, March 8, 2012

no fear...

last week, during a church missions training, one of the speakers made the statement

"FEAR has become the new idol of the American church"

he was speaking in reference to how we have become fearful of people going to share the gospel in "dangerous places".  how we mess with what God impresses on people's hearts, based on what we think, news reports, and we ignore God's direction, His purpose and will for their lives. we put our fears in front of trusting Him. fear over God.

sounds like an idol to me.

so then i was thinking of other areas that we could apply that. in church. in life.

sermons. how often will a pastor/teacher not preach God's word. for real. because they are afraid to offend people that attend church. visitors. servers. tithers.


how often do people IN church not go forward. afraid of what others will think. they need prayer. want to join the church. want freedom from sin. but they stand in their space. or sit. unable to put. one. foot. in. front. of. the. other.


husbands and wives. afraid to be honest with each other. afraid the other will leave. not trusting God's prompting. afraid they won't be forgiven. not worthy of forgiveness. afraid the love won't come back. that they won't find it.


husbands and wives. scared stiff of the secrets they keep. hiding bills. hiding buys. deception becomes closer than their spouse. afraid of the reality that will.soon.arrive.


people equipped to do something.amazing. God equipped. God called. yet they keep their mouths shut. their fingers still. their voices silent. they won't follow through with HIS PLAN.


how many of us carry these things around? or things like these? these are not mine to carry. often.

i. am. learning. letting. HIM. increase. me. decrease.

no fear.

perfect love in it's place.

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