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A Heart Healing Moment...Faith Barista Challenge

Recently life has been heart healing... it's not often that your oldest daughter, her husband and 4 kids move in with you...and for a good reason too! (all by their choice, and God's design, as they transition into ministry overseas).

So, if you happened to stop by unannounced (and maybe even announced!), you'd find toys all around through the house (except the kitchen! NO TOYS IN THE KITCHEN!) and laundry going all. the. time. Chances are there would be a hungry baby, or a sleeping baby, and at least one child with a diaper that needs to be changed. Maybe two.

You'd find my garage filled to the max with boxes. boxes. boxes. and mattresses. as we moved 2 bedrooms of "stuff" out, to empty them for our family to make it feel like "home" to them. sort of. I mean, they aren't painting walls (they were recently done anyways), but I want them to have access to their stuff, which meant packing up mine. for. a. season.

So, the healing part. Where does THAT fit in??

What injustice in my life, long day, short night, or physical pain is not made better by a loving child's hug. To have them want to sing a song. read a book. kiss an owie.

And this season. This season of crowded house and messy floors and sticky chairs. I wouldn't trade it for the world!

I'm getting to see God's handiwork. You see, it's true.

I made mistakes as a parent. Yelled too much. Was probably too firm. too strict. too lazy. Yet God, in His Grace, took my parenting mistakes and made them into a wonderful mom. My daughter. Who is patient (sometimes to a fault) with her kids. And she helps out (too much) around the house (I'm still working on that lazy thing). And she loves her hubby and shows respect and teaches her 4 kids to do that same thing. And they know.

So it heals my heart every day. To know that God cared enough, CARES ENOUGH, to help me through the difficult moments (then and now) and helps me remember (again) it's just a season. And look what He cared enough to do.



  1. So much of your post resonated with me. My daughter has four children--and I delight in seeing her as a parent. I look back on my mistakes and thank God for his faithfulness.

    What is better than a hug from a grandchild?

  2. What a sweet post! And what a lovely perspective. Sounds like you are a better mom then you let on and that you are a fantastic grandma!


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