Saturday, February 11, 2012

prayers please...

please pray for my week - starting with a meeting Sunday morning, recap meeting on Monday and our great time in prayer that evening, Tuesday i have my consultation with the surgeon for the spot of cancer on my shoulder (and will he look at the other spots i'm concerned with too?), Wednesday DOK in the morning and then driving with my daughter and 4 grandkids to Louisville for the afternoon/evening. to top it off, i missed the deadline for the hives study, and neither of the over the counter medications are working lately i've noticed that i'm breaking out a lot more when i have hot flashes (which is pretty much all the time on. off. on....over and over again. so weary of it all. i have no idea what's up, what's going on, and i have yet to find a doctor that cares, since last time they checked people don't die from hives.

ok. those are my prayer requests. thanks to those of you that will pray. i'm grateful for you. <3

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