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more California reflections...and update on prayer requests!

This is sort of an odd combination - remembering a few other things that caught me off guard while on vacation, and updating stuff from my appt. today - but here goes:

A LOT of people still smoked in CA - although it's mostly non-smoking in buildings, they seemed more determined to smoke as close to the building as you could possibly get. Ick.

The way people drove - crazy. Bumper to bumper, whether it was a crawl at 15 mph or ripping down the highway at 85 - I don't get it!

The emissions changes in the areas we were in (or the whole state??) really had improved the air quality a lot - or maybe that was just because it was winter there and the breezes were off shore  -  but the views were really beautiful. It was nice!!

And on the prayer stuff:
My appt went well with the plastic surgeon..I liked him a lot. He recommended the surgery be done in the surgicenter, not in his office, because of it being on my shoulder - which can be tricky, and he could put me in a "twilight" kind of sleep...not keep me awake. He removed the other little mole in the same area, and had it sent off for a biopsy - so we'll see if that will be more work or not, and he looked at the ones by my nose too...we'll see what the insurance says about the surgi-center and the face ones being removed.

I didn't bother talking with him about my hives - that's not his thing anyways - but they are being especially unruly tonight. I went ahead and took a zyrtec, but they've gotten worse since I took it. Mark's gone online and looked up at Mayo Clinic - it seems that low iron, low thyroid, and a number of other things can affect or cause hives. Huh. I knew the thyroid  - that's why the immunologist/allergist back in MO had pushed to get my T3/T4 broken down - my normal thyroid tests normal but my T3 is consistently low...the dr said she would retest my T3 next time I went in (May?). One of the things it says (on the Mayo site) is photo-therapy - basically to go to tanning beds!! LOL - doesn't it figure?? Dealing with skin cancer - and limiting my skin to exposure - and then getting the advice to go and put myself in the most threatening of exposure! Oh well. Something I need to pray about I guess. I did take a vitamin with 100% of iron in it...LOL...

Continued prayers appreciated...wisdom, knowledge, and overall healing would be appreciated...


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