Thursday, February 16, 2012

let's be (real) vulnerable

blogger Faith Barista Bonnie is challenging us to blog on VULNERABILITY today.

oooh..vulnerability is right out there with being genuine...leaving yourself with nothing to hide behind... it's scary, but

i love that even when we are most naked, He is there to cover us. His love. His power to remove sin. He offers to hold us in His Godly capacity to make us what we are not. He fills in our gaps. Our wrinkles. Our blemishes. He is our concealer - yet He lovingly reminds us that He is leaving us the same on the inside - so we don't forget - but He will change us from the inside out, in His timing.

the scars remain. the pain sometimes too, but His loveliness shines forth. yay.

how often i have tried to fake intimacy in life with what the world saw as "the right thing" when all along i just needed to sit at My Father's feet and soak Him all in. His love is perfect. pleasing. genuine. real. long-suffering. patient. kind.

He doesn't throw books at the wall. tear pages from the book. scribble lines on that page. erase. erase. erase. instead He makes something beautiful out of something ugly - if.i.let.him.

His Truth for a lie. it's really not exchangeable at all, yet i try.

even in the little things. the. things. that. only. hurt. me. the.things. that. seem. like. guilty. pleasures. are. really. secret. sins.

like cheating on a diet. duh. hurts only me.

we had a "only watch what we want our kids to watch" rule when the kids were little. every now and again i'd sneak a peek at something a little too racy...on tv...not even on cable... and realize i'm putting in those lies for His truth. duh. silly me. my heart is the one i'm cheating. my purity. my brain. i am what i eat - but i'm also what i fill my head and heart up with. no trashy novels here. not. allowed.

so i am vulnerable. in. Him.
in. friendship. no glossy lies. no. everything is always ok. no.
only real. fresh.
and not wallow in the mud of complaining. my complaints are requests for prayer. for healing. for miracles. and i want to have joy spoken through them. i'm willing to walk this road. but need to have real. genuine. friends. to walk with me. please.

lets. be. (real) together


  1. Amen!! I love real, and I love you!!

  2. "i love that even when we are most naked, He is there to cover us. His love."

    "but He will change us from the inside out, in His timing."

    I love your call to realness. I love that you derive confidence from HIM to pursue it. Amen.


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