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let's be (real) vulnerable

blogger Faith Barista Bonnie is challenging us to blog on VULNERABILITY today. oooh..vulnerability is right out there with being genuine...leaving yourself with nothing to hide behind... it's scary, but i love that even when we are most naked, He is there to cover us. His love. His power to remove sin. He offers to hold us in His Godly capacity to make us what we are not. He fills in our gaps. Our wrinkles. Our blemishes. He is our concealer - yet He lovingly reminds us that He is leaving us the same on the inside - so we don't forget - but He will change us from the inside out, in His timing. the scars remain. the pain sometimes too, but His loveliness shines forth. yay. how often i have tried to fake intimacy in life with what the world saw as "the right thing" when all along i just needed to sit at My Father's feet and soak Him all in. His love is perfect. pleasing. genuine. real. long-suffering. patient. kind. He doesn't throw books

more California reflections...and update on prayer requests!

This is sort of an odd combination - remembering a few other things that caught me off guard while on vacation, and updating stuff from my appt. today - but here goes: A LOT of people still smoked in CA - although it's mostly non-smoking in buildings, they seemed more determined to smoke as close to the building as you could possibly get. Ick. The way people drove - crazy. Bumper to bumper, whether it was a crawl at 15 mph or ripping down the highway at 85 - I don't get it! The emissions changes in the areas we were in (or the whole state??) really had improved the air quality a lot - or maybe that was just because it was winter there and the breezes were off shore  -  but the views were really beautiful. It was nice!! ~~~~~~~~~~~ And on the prayer stuff: My appt went well with the plastic surgeon..I liked him a lot. He recommended the surgery be done in the surgicenter, not in his office, because of it being on my shoulder - which can be tricky, and he could put me i

prayers please...

please pray for my week - starting with a meeting Sunday morning, recap meeting on Monday and our great time in prayer that evening, Tuesday i have my consultation with the surgeon for the spot of cancer on my shoulder (and will he look at the other spots i'm concerned with too?), Wednesday DOK in the morning and then driving with my daughter and 4 grandkids to Louisville for the afternoon/evening. to top it off, i missed the deadline for the hives study, and neither of the over the counter medications are working lately i've noticed that i'm breaking out a lot more when i have hot flashes (which is pretty much all the time on. off. on....over and over again. so weary of it all. i have no idea what's up, what's going on, and i have yet to find a doctor that cares, since last time they checked people don't die from hives. ok. those are my prayer requests. thanks to those of you that will pray. i'm grateful for you. <3

OK...what we REALLY did on our winter vacation...

This is it...not just what we did, but some random thoughts, observations, and opinions - not in any particular order...but I will put down our itinerary down here first - it may help you to piece things together a bit... Friday - flew from Evansville, IN to LAX: stayed in the Ayers Hotel, Hawthorne, CA (compliments of my sister Marla and brother in law Lloyd) Saturday - drove through the South Bay area (very nostalgic for me, from my jr/sr high school days), down to Seal Beach, and had lunch on Main Street at Charro Chicken. Walked Main while we waited for Marla and her son Caleb to arrive. More walking along Main down to the beach (where we were parked) and met up with friends, hung out on the beach, Mark did some body surfing (and got kicked out of the water by the Seal Beach Lifeguards - he was in a restricted area because of a surf contest going on...LOL). It was an AMAZING day, near 80 and just wonderful. Lloyd and their daughter Christiana joined us too, then we headed back

What We Did On Our Winter Vacation...

I've been meaning to write this all out - but like tonight - I'm really too tired to take this on right now. So, this is just the teaser that sometime soon I'll post pics and write about all the unique and fun things that Mark and I saw, tasted, experienced.... Come on back in a few days... thanks!