Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weather and DaySpring Blesses me this week...

If only it were spring!! The past few days have been UNSEASONABLY warm, just delightful, sunny and in the 50's and 60's! Today I woke up to overcast, and although the thermometer said "50*" on it, it didn't feel it at all. What a difference that sunshine makes!!

Alas, I have to remember, it's only mid-January - and there's a LOT of winter left in the season. Still, I'm grateful for the weather change, and feel that God planned it JUST for me; to lift my mood, let me relish in some vitamin D, and enjoy a break from the cold and dreary. He is SO good!!

I had another little bright moment this week: I was sent a stack of DaySpring greeting cards to try out! I requested the set from Holley Gerth (there were several selections, and we got to do a first and second selection - Holley was my first choice!!). I LOVE them!! Her writing is such a blessing to me (even if I'm not in her age group!) and I love that her cards have meaningful words on them - so if I'm tongue tied they will still be a blessing (believe it or not, I do come up short on words sometimes!!).  I also LOVE the bright colors and artwork on them, and many of them are nice enough to frame as pictures, or use as book marks, and some of them even look like they were handmade (how do they do that?). Precious!

I've got a list of people I want to send a card to...even though I sent out Christmas cards this year, I think it's special to send out cards "just because"....and I've got plenty of people who have blessed me already this year with their prayers and encouragement!


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