Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flu Season....

Some of you may have been aware that Mark and I have been doing the Daniel Fast for the past few weeks. We had each chosen different things in our lives to focus on, for insight or spiritual breakthrough. We didn't want to talk about it (except with a few friends who have been praying for us), and now that it's coming to an end (Monday is our last day) I'm starting to feel things and want to share them. I'll save that for another day - but wanted to say - I never expected to feel so sick! Not sick because of the food, but just attacked by flu bugs!

I would have thought that eating according to Daniel's fast in Daniel 10:2-3, I'd feel super healthy, but with our grandkids coming to live with us they brought a flu bug - and we all got it (except Mark, who is rarely ill and works so much that he wasn't handling sick kids at all). Then this morning, I woke up with ANOTHER round of the flu!! CRAZY!

All in all, the way to eat is wonderful! If it were a diet, and not a fast, it would be really stringent, and I wouldn't be able to adhere to it. But keeping in mind that it was "just 21 days", that it was for spiritual insight (and not to lose weight, although I did), and that it wasn't for me to judge on - I was to DO it according to my convictions as God led me, made it much easier.

So, if I was eating so healthy, why have I gotten so sick - 2 times within the 21 days? Well, I believe spiritual warfare; Satan knew that I had petitioned God for a few things and was looking for answers. I don't know what those answers are yet, but I trust Him to provide them in His timing.

Today was the hardest...getting nearly dehydrated, and feeling crummy, I really wanted to fall back on the normal "when I'm sick" diet of chicken broth and soda crackers, and that was NOT allowed on the Daniel Fast! When I was ill a few weeks ago, Mark encouraged me to consider breaking the fast till I felt better, but I knew I needed to follow through with it till the end. Now, just 2 days before finishing it, he let me know again that if I needed to go off of the restrictions to get healthy again, that it was ok with him. I really prayed about it, and drew in to God for wisdom and strength. I know that HE would honor whatever I decided, but I really wanted to finish strong and see it to the end. HE allowed me to get ill, and so HE knew what I would be facing. Because I was tired, sick and hungry, my mind was thinking beyond the soda crackers and broth. My mind was craving other things, and mostly the freedom to eat whatever I wanted to eat - whether it was healthy for me or not.

So I settled on starting with 1/2 banana (after keeping a little water in me), then making a smoothie with peaches and the other half of the banana. Mark helped and put baking potatoes in the oven, and I'll have one of those in just a little bit. No, I won't top it with butter and cheese and bacon bits (maybe next time), but will keep it simple and mild and plain...better for my healing body AND my fasting body.

Was it that big of a deal - no, not really. The big deal is that I have now experienced temptation, called on God to help me through it, and will be able to do that in the future too, remembering how He assisted me in a time of trial. Little lessons to keep in my heart/head file. I can JUST SAY NO, no matter what the situation a bowl of ice cream, or a second piece of pie....

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