Friday, January 13, 2012

A change in the season...

Where it felt SO WARM last week, today I'm hunkered in bed, recovering from the stomach flu that kept me up all last night (shared by my grands), and ignoring the bitter cold and snow outside. BRRRR. I'm just sorta glad that there's not enough snow to play in, since it's really too cold to take little hands out there.

We're finishing up the first week with my daughter, son in law, and 4 grandkids living with us! I know that we're still in the "honeymoon phase" and we all have patience with the dirty dishes in the sink, toys on the floor (which do disappear quickly, I'm proud to say), kids getting adjusted to schedules, parents unpacking, and us still packing up to make more room for them. It's ALL good! I even love the little middle of the night cries from my newborn grandson!! They let me know that he's ok, wanting attention (and getting it) from his momma, as they cuddle in the living room for a late night feeding. Sigh.

I think that the biggest challenge will be with our dog Abbey, and her food and water and dog pen that she calls "home base". My youngest grand girl seems to think that they are pretty cool things! So a few times we've found her backed into the dog pen, peering out through the grates, or she's creating a concoction of Abbey's dog food and water (till both sides are all mixed up!) and we check in her mouth to be sure that she's not sampling the food (she's not).

I loved the day we got to go walking our neighborhood, before the cold hit. It was delightful! I can hold on to that memory and plan many other outings like this! What fun it will be, in the midst of summer, to take a late afternoon stroll with the kids...hand in hand in hand....

In the "dead of winter" what do you hold on to, helping you to look for spring's promise?? Whether it's planning the garden, looking at flower catalogs, looking back to last summer's activities or next summer's vacation, I pray that they give you the hope and joy of what lies ahead, to hold on to God in the bitter cold of this winter....

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