Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My thoughts on Christmas and Santa...

Every year this comes up...and my stance stays the same. I was raised in a home that "did Santa"  - and didn't do Jesus at all - so as a new believer in Jesus (30 some years ago!!) this was something that had to be rectified....to "do Santa" or to NOT "do Santa" in my own family.

To me, it clearly became a thought of "truth" or "lies", and there is a very real story behind Santa Clause, but to me, it's not enough to lie about his presence on Christmas. So I chose then, and have chosen still, to not "do Santa".

Call me a kill joy, but really, with getting married, raising kids, seeing them grow and marry and have their own families - it's continued on. We've given them the freedom to make the choice with their own kids, and so far, they are not doing Santa either.

I'm closing with a post that I wrote in response to a post on (in)courage's blog for today...about Santa and Christmas. I encourage you to check it out, as it tells her story of changing from a "Santa" house to a "non-Santa" house.  Here are my thoughts....

"We never “did” Santa with our kids, and always focused on a Happy Birthday Jesus theme for the holidays, to the point of doing service projects that day as the kids grew up. Our reason – honesty. We never wanted the kids to remember the lie of Santa (or that it’s ok to lie about anything!) and that Jesus is ENOUGH reason to celebrate. Oddly enough, it was our unbelieving parents that protested “not getting to do Santa” with their grandkids. We dug our heels in deep.
We realize that others, even other Christians, choose to celebrate with Santa – and the “real” Saint Nicholas WAS a wonderful man of generosity….so we shared the real story of why he is included in the holiday.
Having grown, married kids now, we were curious what they would do with their own kids…so far they are choosing to do no Santa with their kids! They appreciate that we respect their freedom to create Christmas to be the way they want to make it for their kids, but also love the fact that we don’t over indulge them, keep it realistic on the financial meter, and can make memories together without all the consumerism.
It’s a day about a baby, savior of the world, born in a manger…the simplest of circumstances…we can celebrate in many ways to honor Him, to show appreciation to God for giving us a Savior, to make memories that generations to come can reflect on in truth and wonder of a REALLY amazing time…the manger, the savior, the stars, shepherds, angels…THESE are the things of Christmas….
(ps- check out the website for The Advent Conspiracy for ideas and reasons to do Christmas “differently” this year, and in the future. NOW is the time to lay the groundwork for your families future Christmas’ Celebrations…talk at the table and commit to changing things next year. Ask how much debt they racked up this Christmas – or ask in January when the bills are coming in! – and commit to doing a debt-free Christmas – with or without Santa!!)"


  1. I didn't grow up with Santa {my husband did}, and we've chosen not to "do Santa" with our kids. They know about him and we aren't anti-Santa, but our focus isn't on him during the season.

    Stopping by to say Merry Christmas!
    - Ashley Pichea

  2. Thanks Ashley, for stopping by and sharing your family's views.
    Have a VERY Merry Christmas!!


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