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Memory Making Days...

We took a week's vacation last week and made the drive to see our grandgirls. Usually we go to just play with them and hang out with our daughter and son in law, but this time we went because they needed our help watching them as they worked a week of Jr High church camp! We arrived late, were tired beyond imagination - sleeping in a tent, on an air mattress, and although it was warm/hot during the days - we had a night in the 40's - not ideal for sleeping in my book (though I prefer cool to being too hot at night). We managed 2 days of taking the girls off campus during the day, discovering every playground within a 30 mile radius. We even went to an aquatic park to let them play in the water in the heat of the day. The lack of sleep was wearing us out quickly though, so we ended up running the girls home for the last few days of camp and getting more sleep there. The end of camp brought mom and dad home too, and we were able to assist with them getting unpacked and sett