Thursday, March 24, 2011


lately i haven't been feeling like writing much. nothing is wrong, i've just been contemplative. my thoughts have been very deep, and somehow between my mind and my keyboard i'm losing my words (or my nerve) to write.

i'm ok with that. the past few months i've been delving into my life, my hobbies; determining who i am and what i do, and what is different between the two.

i've been learning that i need to let go of things that are "good" and hold on to things that are "most excellent" and sometimes i have a hard time telling the difference between the two...but i'm learning. what are the things that God allows me to do, and what did He create me to do? what are the most important things that i could accomplish in my life for His glory?

so today, for no particular reason, this thought came to mind;

"So often I'm praying for answers, healing, resolution, restoration, renewal. I'm looking for God to solve my issues, my problems, to make it all go away and leave me refreshed. More often I'm realizing that God just wants me to curl up close to Him and listen; wait it out with Him, take baby steps WITH Him..trusting Him to come through the trial with me..and for me to be changed more than the circumstances around me."

so this is what i'm learning. today.


  1. Curl up and wait it out with Him is so wise! I am going to try to remember that as I continue to face life's challenges.

  2. This is exactly how I feel sometimes: I just want to be the child every so often, sit on his lap, lean on His breast, be safe, feel loved unconditionally, and hear His whisper.

  3. A wonderful realization! I'm learning that I don't ask him often enough for what I need. I love that God works in us as we each need him to.


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