Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We all want immediate results. No one likes being in a waiting room...unless it's delaying the inevitable!

My appointment went well today. I had the same technologist that I had a few weeks ago, and she did the magnified mammogram ("it WILL hurt - a pinch instead of a pressure, and it MAY bruise!") and also the ultrasound.

After the mammogram she showed me the area of concern - and at that point she said up front - it doesn't look like cancer - it's smooth and round and cancer has a spiky look to it where the blood vessels are going in and out of it. It's also clear, the same color of your breast tissue...cancer is usually opaque, you can't see through it. But sure enough there was that 6cm round, smooth, area that looked like a drop of oil sitting on a bowl of water...you can see it's there, but it doesn't look much different.

There was also a thought that it might be a lymph node, but the ultrasound ruled that out.

I still can not feel it, she said because it's too deep and because it's breast tissue encapsulated into this "wall" that my body has made for it.

But it's NOT cancer!! and I don't have to go back for a year!! :) YAY GOD!!!

Now Thursday I see the allergist/immunologist...prayers there for wisdom for him, patience for me, and that he'll have some divine insight as to what ALL the REST of my issues are (hives, swollen lymph nodes with rash/itching, asthma, anxiety, and now with no estrogen - also night sweats, hot flashes, and the normal menopausal symptoms. LOL

I think that God gave me such a great 49th year (my year of Jubilee) because He knew I'd need my strength for 50 - sort of the calm before the storm...

I trust Him.

Thanks so much for praying - I sure felt those prayers all week long, and never did I feel fearful - although I did have moments of *sighing* over the what if's.....



  1. Praising God for your good results and will pray for answers for your other concerns.

    After 3 years of mammograms & ultrasounds every six months I finally had a biopsy last year. The results were benign. I understand your relief.

  2. Thanking God and praying with you now...


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