Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fried brain

The weekend was SO full of information, I felt like I was on overload...

"This must be like syllabus shock..." I thought...remembering how my daughter coined a term that was the way she felt when she took her semester's worth of syllabus' from her college courses, and penned them all in on her calendar.

I had been given SO MUCH information, learned SO MUCH about this other religion, and have NO IDEA what to do with it all...but I heard that clock ticking.

Lord, I know that you desire for ALL people to know You...every tongue, every tribe, every nation. For this to happen with "them" we will have to step out of our comfort zones, our of our cars, out of our shopping cart comfort zones and embrace them, talk to them, smile at them to break the ice.

I heard one speaker say that we had NO BUSINESS sharing with them UNLESS we were willing to let them move in with us...for them to choose Jesus, they lose EVERYTHING they have.




And if they were "there" they would surely lose their life...it happens all the time.

But here, where we celebrate our freedoms, they lose all of theirs. They are a guest in our land, yet held hostage by the religion they were born in to...and our freedoms protect them to worship "that way", yet it is the worst bondage of all.

One that has lied to them.

They believe what they believe because they always have. It's not only religion, but their heritage, their culture. THEIR WAY.

And we won't reach out....will we?
and my heart aches for them. because I don't know it all - but I know that there is life to be lived more abundantly...more than a life of bondage, of legalism, of confusion, of anger and violence by command.

So I'm praying for discernment - and for God to place my feet in places where I can be pushed out of my comfort zone and engage with them.

Not argue.

Not even discuss.

But just be a friend....
for a start.

To love with His love. perfect. complete.
not selfish and sterile.

To engage with these people that He LOVES...because HE LOVES.

No shock there.

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  1. I like your post. I always find that those scary places, the "out of my comfort zone" places are the times I am most intimate with God. Absolut dependency. Absolute surrender. Thanks for this!


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