Thursday, October 21, 2010

Faith Barrista Jam...More Faith=More Happiness??

Ohh...I LOVE what was written by Bonnie Gray over at Faith Barrista, and need to put the promises from God's love letters to work in my life daily... 
Her topic for the Jam this week is "How Does Your Faith Connect To Your Happiness?"

I can be full of faith, loving God, loving me...have my ducks all in a row and life in those perfectly lined little boxes (that SO many over-rate!!) and be miserable. 

It just happens.

I remember those food all over the floor, toys all over the house, mounds of laundry reproducing (clean, dirty, and sniff to find out...), dishes stacked to the ceiling, days of having 3 little ones under tow (and under TOE) and stair-stepped in age at that....and sit on the floor with them laughing, reading, climb in bed and snuggle with them...and wake up and the clean house fairies forgot to come by my house - and be happy. 

And MORE often, there may be the AWE of God in control in the midst of chaos, at work all around me, in me, and THROUGH me (which amazes me to no end) and the feeling I feel is not really happiness...but well...maybe CONTENTMENT?

Yes, that's it! My faith doesn't command my happiness, but my faith EQUIPS me for CONTENTMENT.

And yeah, that makes me happy. :)

(sorry that this is short's been one of those weeks that I'm in AWE of God  in control in the midst of chaos...and I've got to run, pack my bag - shower (and shave?) - and head in to town to run errands...because later on I get to go to a cool conference in Nashville to learn about Muslims! there was a last minute cancellation and I get to go fill that spot!! I am SO blessed!! I love it when I get to be a student, life long learner, get better equipped to help those that are called to go "here, near and far away" and hey have I told YOU (yeah, YOU!!) how much you are loved by the Creator of the Universe lately???)  
I'm sure I'll write about it all later...when life calms down a bit...


  1. You described my life up there with the 4 little ones under TOE! This line sums it all up... "My faith doesn't command my happiness, but my faith EQUIPS me for CONTENTMENT." Well said!

  2. I love short & sweet. THANK YOU for sharing this with us, Marina! I would've been bummed to have missed it. So, thanks for sharing it.

    "Yes, that's it! My faith doesn't command my happiness, but my faith EQUIPS me for CONTENTMENT."

    Gosh! That is SO POWERFUL. Speaks to my heart. Right where I'm at.

  3. Yes when we are living in him we have contentment. We have peace.

  4. I think it's a chorus---"faith equips contentment" YES!!!! Thanks for saying this so beautifully!


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