Sunday, September 26, 2010

This week, at Crossroads...

It's not too often that something just really hits me square in the eyes - but Ken's series of "Just One" has done just that. Today's lesson was especially motivating - and I suggest that anyone interested in growing deeper with God - which should be all of us I guess - should listen to it.

You can go to the web site here:

There are three lessons in the series, but today's is especially good. I can't say enough to do it justice - so I won't try. You'll just have to go and listen!!

I'm feeling so blessed right now- God has changed my heart in some things here at home, and this "new perspective" is making life so much more bearable for me (LOL). It shouldn't surprise me when He leads me to pray that way ("change the circumstance, change the other person, or change me!") and of course, when I submit to asking Him to change me, that's what He'll do. I need to pray that every day, to be changed daily into being more like Him.

Fall arrived this morning, and the coolness is astonishing to me. I wasn't prepared at all, but was pleasantly surprised. Praise You God for the seasons.

Have a great week!!
Happy Fall, Y'all!!

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