Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well, it's bug season! I didn't see any "June bugs" in May, so maybe that means that KY bugs won't be nearly as thick as MO bugs...but we'll see...time will tell...

It's been so long since I've written, and so much has been happening - to any followers out there - I'm so sorry! I admit that it's so easy to update my life on Facebook, and that I have to be very intentional at coming to my blog to write!! I've also been doing more writing (not about my life) at other venues that include for a magazine (under a pseudonym), for a missions group, and our missions department at church. It is truly a blessing to get to see something I love to do being used by God to accomplish much!

We LOVE living in Kentucky! Although God led us to buy a lemon of a house - we are settling in - finally, and I look forward to it feeling more like home in the next few weeks. The Pergo floors are being installed as I write - and tearing out the carpeting has taken care of the smell issues (the previous owners dogs had used it often). The pergo flooring looks GREAT and I think that once it's all in we will finally be ready to "unpack" the rest of the house!

Another delay to unpacking involves Jason returning home for the summer to work. It's a joy to see him here, seeing him plugged in to the "young adults" from Crossroads Christian Church, and now this week to see him get settled in a job out at Tyson's. I'm praying that he is growing in his faith...that it's not just my imagination....and that he'll use some discernment in the relationships he grows and nurtures. There are a lot of amazing people here, and I hope he chooses to draw from the people that have a lot to offer spiritually and not just the popular and cute...I hope he's more mature than all that...

Mark's still working a LOT - and I have to choose to not get jealous or get caught up in counting how many hours he's away each day. It's too much. I want to believe that he'd rather be here at home with me...and that once things are settled at work - positions filled and fully trained - that he'll be happy to be at home...that we'll be exciting enough for him here... At least I know that there is enough for him to do here at the house...projects of necessity are backing up all around me!!

I am loving it here...even in the quieter times, the times that I'm alone, I see God at work around me. I LOVE that. He is so faithful!!

More the next few weeks we'll see Melissa have her baby #3 (Ziva), and I'm sure I'll have pictures to post and things to write about her!!

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