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3/26/2010 life today.

It's crazy and boring in the same breath..I feel like I am sitting in a room and waiting for my name to be called - where I'll be given a task that needs to be done NOW (well, yesterday actually) and I have to sprint to get it accomplished...and then I go back to waiting and boredom. But that's life for me right now. It's just a season and I know that it will go from here to frantic in a moments time. We are buying a house. For now we are living, Mark, Abbey the Wonderdog and I, in a 2 bedroom apartment near to where we will be living once we're IN the house. It's just a few miles away and I have to resist driving by there every day. I want to know the rhythm of the neighborhood. To see where traffic backs up and if people urge each other to go ahead of them at intersections. I want to see who walks their dogs in the morning, who walks in the evening, and who does not have a dog. I want to know where water puddles up and who works in their yards. Who leaves th

Humility - a great little devo

Every now and again I will read a devo that will just really teach me something, or bless me in a new way. This morning I read this, and thought that it needed to be shared. It is actually from the Blessings Unlimited newsletter that my friend Tammy Carroll shares with me monthly. Tammy is a long time friend from high school, and is a representative from Blessings Unlimited, which is a division of DaySpring. They sell GREAT home decor and so much more, all with a Christ centered theme!! You can find her in my "friends" listing on Facebook, and link to her site here:  . Here is the devo that was sent out: "I recently did a series on my blog and knew one post needed to be about my strengths. But more than anything I’ve written, I avoided it.  Why? The "good Christian girl" voice inside kept saying,  "But that's not humble." Finally, I had a little chat with her... "Girl, what's your definition