Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pasta at Eight (for 2)....

It's been a long day...long week....long month....long year.
(Have I started any other blogs with this line? It seems to have been a reoccurring theme this past year!)
Anyways, today was exceptionally long. Mark and I set our alarm at 3:00 am (and 3:15 for a back up) and got up and going to meet Team CCH at the XNA airport where they left for a m trip to Guatemala. We are so excited for Jason to be a part of this trip, knowing his passion for people to hear about Jesus, his talent (and education) in construction, and that there is a need greater there for people to have clean drinking water and ongoing medical assistance (their existing medical hospital/clinic was wiped out by a landslide, and this is a new structure at a new location). What a great opportunity to help so many, on so many levels.
So, Jason's gone for the next 9 days. I'm praying that God will work in him on many different levels; spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally.
I'm praying that God will work in me (and Mark) in those same areas...
So, with all the stress of the holidays, all the "saying good-bye well" of sending a child out in the field (yes, adult child, but still a child), and then Mark's bday today to boot, 8 pm rolled around and we had not eaten any dinner. We ate breakfast at IHOP after Jason departed for the security zone of the airport, went back to bed and slept slept slept (well, Mark just slept) and then ate left overs for a late lunch. Then we filled up on desserts (it IS his birthday!!) and watched a movie...which was quirky - but not funny (The 500 Days of Summer)....and then *poof* we were hungry.
I totally understand the pasta craving I was having. Carbs. LOTS of carbs today. It's cold and icy outside, gloomy inside, and so blah in general. (GREAT, the weather guy is saying that we'll hardly be over freezing for the next several days!) Not enough sunlight, and still the "day after Christmas" feeling (although it's the day after the day after). Saying good-bye, to Stella (our friend from China), and Jason. Dealing with letting go, letting God. Analyzing empty nesting, helicopter parenting, my own life and goals....or lack of them. God has lots of room to work in me, and I welcome Him to get going. I'm so grateful for the opportunities He has given me to do things I never thought would happen...writing in a number of mediums, the opportunity to get to care for little ones and plant seeds of faith (Tristan, Kaylee and Kelsey), to celebrate love in marriage with Mark (going on 26 years!) and the life that God has given Mark to live with me (for better or worse). Happy Birthday Mark. I love you.
I think that tomorrow will be a better day. In fact I'm sure it will be....that pasta is working in me and I'm feeling better already.....

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