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Pasta at Eight (for 2)....

It's been a long day...long week....long month....long year. (Have I started any other blogs with this line? It seems to have been a reoccurring theme this past year!) Anyways, today was exceptionally long. Mark and I set our alarm at 3:00 am (and 3:15 for a back up) and got up and going to meet Team CCH at the XNA airport where they left for a m trip to Guatemala. We are so excited for Jason to be a part of this trip, knowing his passion for people to hear about Jesus, his talent (and education) in construction, and that there is a need greater there for people to have clean drinking water and ongoing medical assistance (their existing medical hospital/clinic was wiped out by a landslide, and this is a new structure at a new location). What a great opportunity to help so many, on so many levels. So, Jason's gone for the next 9 days. I'm praying that God will work in him on many different levels; spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally. I'm praying that God w