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Winter's Here!

Some days are unmistakeable; the first day of fall is a favorite - it doesn't matter what the calendar says the date is - and usually it's within days of the first day of school too. You can open the door and step outside, and just smell the leaves turning colors on the trees... I don't know what it's just so unique! Within a few months of that day, and it seems it's usually without warning, I'll wake up to a room that's just a bit colder than the usual morning temperature. There might be a hint of breeze in the air (that I can hear rustling outside my bedroom) and somehow I want to just dig down deeper in my blankets and snuggle just a minute longer (this never happens on a summer morning!). Surely enough, as I approach the front door, I will feel the cold sneaking in between the storm door, the front door, and the door frame...whistling a little tune to let me know that it's REALLY chilly out! As I suspect - the gap between the doors is just