Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life...these days...

Nothing in life stays the same for long...and this holds true for our house as well. About 2 weeks ago our daughter and son in law arrived....they have been going to school in E. Asia for the past 2 years, and they've returned to our home for a season before returning to their home there to continue the business they have started.
Truth be told, we've had company in our home since December....actually late November, if you give us credit for the brief break between Thanksgiving and our son's return when school got out, about 10 days of reprieve. As he was preparing to return to school, we had a call from Mark's mom (Dorothy, who lives in FL) that she wanted to come out and be here for our daughter's return. Not a prob!
So we went from an household of international students, to Jason, to Jason and international students over Christmas, to Jason and Dorothy, to Dorothy, Jessica and Joshua....and now just Jessica and Joshua. Whew! No wonder I am exhausted!
J/J lived with us for a while before they left for school overseas, and so we weren't too concerned with them coming back to our home. They are helpful kids, preparing to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary (WOW, where did the time go?) and we enjoy having them around. They usually go to Joshua's mom's house in Joplin for the weekends, or go visit friends and other family, and later this spring there is a lot of traveling scheduled...Jessica and I will go to Melissa's (my oldest) in PA for a week, then they will spend some time with Joshua's dad in NE MO, and then take a trip to visit friends in KY....then out west to AZ and CA...and traveling around those areas a bit. They'll be putting mileage on the car, and stimulating the economy in each spot they go! :)
Come July, they'll be headed back home, and we'll have tearful good-byes (well...likely anyways) and they'll have a laptop filled with photos of time spent with family and friends, lots of new knowledge in the field they are working (fly fishing lures) and have built new relationships with our international friends that have become like family. :)
So our house is in a bit of a transition during the next few months...learning to cook for 4 again (and not for 2...or 20), scheduling time for working out....something I'm sorely missing right now, getting used to lights being on in rooms where there are people! It's all a challenge....but I'm so grateful to get to share our home during this time, and realize that in the future it might not be so convenient!
This house was really designed perfectly for something like this...2 master "suites" with them being located on opposite sides of the upstairs, one downstairs....and the walls and insulation being thick enough that rarely can you hear someone in the kitchen...especially if you are in your room with the door closed!
We are sharing cars with them too...which takes a little scheduling...but we've had no conflicts with it. It's all good! :)
Well....I thought I should just pop in with an update as to what's going on here...and that's about it. OH, I'm reading "The Heavenly Man", which is GREAT....doing a bit of crocheting, and writing now from a new MacBook (laptop). The computer is what's been taking a lot of my time, learning to do things the Apple way, figuring out what programs do what best (and which ones we actually purchased...LOL), visiting favorites, loading address books from other places, and doing a tutorial on each step before I take it. The life-long learner in me is getting a work out! I DO love it though....and it is the perfect gift for Mark and I (to each other) for our 25th anniversary next's our silver anniversary, and Mark pointed out that we have a silver toned laptop now!! :)'s stretching it a bit...but it works!!  :P
Blessings to you in this winter weather season (we have ice and snow on the ground now!) and may your hearts be warmed when your toes are cold!!


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