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Life...these days...

Nothing in life stays the same for long...and this holds true for our house as well. About 2 weeks ago our daughter and son in law arrived....they have been going to school in E. Asia for the past 2 years, and they've returned to our home for a season before returning to their home there to continue the business they have started. Truth be told, we've had company in our home since December....actually late November, if you give us credit for the brief break between Thanksgiving and our son's return when school got out, about 10 days of reprieve. As he was preparing to return to school, we had a call from Mark's mom (Dorothy, who lives in FL) that she wanted to come out and be here for our daughter's return. Not a prob! So we went from an household of international students, to Jason, to Jason and international students over Christmas, to Jason and Dorothy, to Dorothy, Jessica and Joshua....and now just Jessica and Joshua. Whew! No wonder I am exhausted! J/J lived wi