Tuesday, November 11, 2008

just an update

Life is busy around here...wonderfully busy! Our relationships with people at Christian Community continue to grow, and we are maturing in Christ and finding many ways to serve the body too. God's so good!! We feel truly blessed to be able to participate in life and ministry there.

I continue to struggle with letting go of my "mom habits" with my adult kids, but I'm learning. I am finding that I can look things up on line and not send any one of them a million links; I can pray for them and not give them the details of what I feel in prayer; I can listen (and hear) what they are saying and "just" suggest that they consider all the options. It's still a learning process on my part, but I'm aware of that....that I still have a LONG way to go before I totally release all of them and break my parenting habits. I know that they will still make wonderful decisions that will deserve my praise, and horrible mistakes that will still require prayers....I KNOW this because I still make those mistakes too!! That's a part of life.

There is a lot to look forward to in the next few months....getting to see my oldest daughter's family soon, International Friends joining us for holidays, family traveling in for a long stay, getting to spend time with my daughter and granddaughter for a girls' only week (or 2), and then the arrival of a new grandchild! It helps me so much to keep events and activities on my calendar, especially during these DARK days of FALL (although it may as well be winter...does it seem a LOT darker earlier than normal to anyone else??).

Today it's COLD and DARK and BLUSTERY....but I know that there is hope that down the road, that much sooner than spring itself, we'll find a morning of sunshine with an afternoon high of 70*, and I'll feel the tingle of sun's rays on my pasty white skin, and I'll love it anyways. Yet it's the wintery days of life that make me SO appreciate the summer ones! After all, nothing could grow in constant sunshine, as it takes the rainy days of life to make things nourished, so seeds will start and sprout and give fruit...and yet nothing would grow if not for the sunshine.
Yes, indeed! I LOVE those sun-shiny days! But today, I'll LOVE this cold fall day, with the touch of winter around the edges, and hold on to the hope of spring eternal.

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