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just an update

Life is busy around here...wonderfully busy! Our relationships with people at Christian Community continue to grow, and we are maturing in Christ and finding many ways to serve the body too. God's so good!! We feel truly blessed to be able to participate in life and ministry there. I continue to struggle with letting go of my "mom habits" with my adult kids, but I'm learning. I am finding that I can look things up on line and not send any one of them a million links; I can pray for them and not give them the details of what I feel in prayer; I can listen (and hear) what they are saying and "just" suggest that they consider all the options. It's still a learning process on my part, but I'm aware of that....that I still have a LONG way to go before I totally release all of them and break my parenting habits. I know that they will still make wonderful decisions that will deserve my praise, and horrible mistakes that will still require prayers....I KNOW