Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thoughts (and Pictures) on Proverbs 10

Sometimes a scripture will remind us of something...for me, it's usually a worship song that was sung sometime in my early years...but today, things reminded me of pictures I have! It was odd! So I am going to share some of the scriptures I read today and the photos that they remind me of....

7 We have happy memories of the godly, but the name of a wicked person rots away. (Pic.#1 Tante Cor and my dad in the mid 90's)
Although I was not raised IN a Christian home, my Aunt Cor, or Tante Cor, was one of the first REAL Christians I knew. I guess I didn't KNOW she was a Christian so much as I knew she was different from me, and they had different traditions (and RULES) in her home that were completely foreign to me. Sometimes it amazed me to know that it was my dad's sister...the language they would speak to each other (Dutch) and their white hair were where the similarities ended.
In the early '80's, when I started my WALK as a Christian, it all came together and made sense. I knew then, that there had been 2 women in my life that had prayed for me faithfully to turn from my evil ways and to accept the forgiveness Jesus offered. One of them was my Aunt Cor. I'm so glad that as Mark and I started our marriage (and family) that I had a few chances to thank her for the godly example that she had set for me. Although she had never preached to me, she was always there...gently, quietly, offering her life as a model. I'll always remember the seasonal walks through her gardens....arm in arm...talking about each plant, each flower, each tree as if it were created just for my enjoyment. I miss her melodic, heavily accented voice, the way she would get my (then very young) kids laughing by "playing her nose," and her sweet renditions of "Count Your Blessings".

9 People with integrity walk safely, but those who follow crooked paths will slip and fall. (Pic. #2 and #3 taken in "Monkey Park" in E. Asia)
A few weeks ago we were talking in our small group about taking steps, and THAT reminded me of the book "Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On" about how God doesn't always reveal the entire plan for our life in one picture...but rather like walking by flashlight in the dark, exposing one step at a time. We need to keep at it to get to the final place He wants us.
This is different, and yet the same. If we are walking, following His guidance and direction, I think we can be safe...but although the path will be straight, we don't always know where that next step IS. Is it high (or low)? Is it wide (or right in front)? Can I overstep?? The whole thing here is, to me, WALKING SAFELY.
I am TERRIFIED of heights! (which is funny, since I'm not afraid of dying...I'm afraid of falling and living injured!!) I am more confident walking UP stairs then I am going DOWN stairs. After spending an afternoon walking up and down stairs and paths in the caves a few days before, you'd think that I was ready to do this. Not so. I was petrified, and tried my best to keep Mark in front of me as we walked down the steps, keeping a hand either on his shoulder, or holding on to the handrails, when they were provided. It was emotionally, and physically, stretching for me. I hurt....ALL body had been tense the whole time going down the stairs. Going up was more physically challenging, but going down was the emotionally scary part for me.
I think that my walk with God is similar. IF I am walking on His path, it may (no WILL) involve uphill, and downhill times. The uphill times are physically challenging...sometimes I get to thinking, "this is cool....I can do it myself" and want to move ahead. Usually going downhill I want my Father to go before assist me and break my fall should I stumble. I need to be confident that He is walking with me, well trained (spiritually) that I can keep up with Him, and willing to stay with Him and not move ahead on my own, or in a direction that He did not intend for me to go (but I chose to anyways).
Someone great once said "Being a Christian is about being on a journey, not arriving at a destination." and I believe that's true....
Grace and peace...

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