Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Notes on today's Proverb....

I've been really bad about journaling lately...my sleep schedule has been horrid...I'm doing my Bible time at weird hours (or not at all)....I'm really all out of sinc. sigh.

I have been praying for myself (and a few others) for a renewed passion for God's Word. I KNOW that I need to spend time with God daily, and a part of that time NEEDS to be in the Word. I have no problem finding time (or passion) to pray, or to meditate on Jesus and the good qualities I desire (my "mantra"...using that word loosely....is "more of Jesus...less of me..."), and I love to read, so you don't think that there would be a problem. But sometimes there is. I wish I could make it stop when I see it coming on, but I can't, so I catch myself after a few days and start praying for that passion again....and it returns. God is so good.

Today's Proverb is so fitting for my life TODAY. I LOVE it when He does that....gives you a word of encouragement or instruction or just a "friendly reminder" that He's there for you in so many ways. Today encouraged me (v 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 17, 29), reminded me of Troy's teaching on Sunday (v 2, 9, 16, 22, 23), and instructed me (v 6, 17-21). I need to remember all of these things! I need to not only etch them on my mind, but practice them daily. I want to see the fruits of practicing these things in my life....and without all the hoopla and emotion that can happen with it.

My prayer for today is this: That God would continue to capture my heart and keep it focused on Him. I know that my love language is "time", and it takes me taking time WITH Him to love Him the best I can. Let my life be a reflection of His qualities, and help me to make decisions that are going to enable me to spend that time with Him...whether it's creating peaceful places in my garden to rest in Him, or choosing to step away from the computer to actually DO that time with Him. Lord, make the gardens of my life FLOURISH...the physical garden...with fruits and vegetables and flowers...AND the garden that is represented by my life...through friendships and relationships and the Fruits of the Spirit growing abundantly!! Let the light of Jesus shine in me; in this dry and dreary desert...let me be a "city on a hill"......

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