Monday, March 10, 2008

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It's been busy around here...I've been....sleeping! The trip overseas left me with the worst case of jet lag, and it is taking me the longest time to get over it. You can read about the adventure at the blogger site for MnMgo2 where it tells all about our great adventure. There are also extensive pics at the picasa site of the same name.

Otherwise, I'm falling behind in life. Although we walked miles each day while traveling, I can barely muster enough get-to-it-ness to get my clean clothes put away (bless Mark's heart for washing it all!!). We've got things that need to be mailed out, and I've been to the post office once last week, and need to go again today now that some things are ready to be mailed. I will make an honest attempt to get the rest of the things together and packed up too (I'd love to not have to go to town again this week!).

I also have a task to do...putting pics in albums! I've opted to play "artist" and not hassle the embellishing of the photos....really....and let them stand on the beauty of the photos themselves. There should be nothing to distract from the subject matter on these. I'm surprised too that in going through the photos I took, only a handful of them are of US...most are of the people and places we traveled too (and a lot of them are blurry too...since we were on the move so much!). It's an actual reminder of the trip....all in a blur. We hardly rested at all, except on the long plane flights that monopolized our bodies so badly.

Otherwise, life is good. The sun is shining (although it's still soooo cool outside) and I know that spring is just around the corner. I'm grateful to be getting into SOME semblance of normalcy will just take a little more time...a few more naps...and a lot of discipline. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me....Phil. 4:13


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